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Alyssa's mad distracted with plans of her 5-week Europe trip (this summer after she leaves here and before she starts law school). I am definitely taking time off this summer but still haven't figured out what the heck I'm gonna do since everyone's working not to mention scattered geographically. So with her Europe talk I was thinking, "Well, I could visit ladyvivien...." And I actually have money this time [as opposed to when I did the Oxford Summer Seminar], so I could actually visit the continent, maybe Spain/Portugal. Alyssa is very pro-Prague, and I remembered Mr. MacDonough (whom I'm sure would be thrilled to hear from me). So I'm now thinking two weeks: Boston-London, visit ladyvivien, fly to Prague, fly to Barcelona, train to Lisbon?

P.S. Scheduling across three departments for a flyout next Wednesday I'm annoyed that I have to not be here tomorrow (root canal) especially since Monday's a holiday. [Why yes I am a control freak, why do you ask?]

Okay, gotta run. (I'm doing dinner for CAUMC small group tonight, plus I need to remember to pick up Dramamine.)
Tags: travel: summer 2007: planning

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