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[Astonishing X-Men] #20

My general reaction was ::shrug::

There were the comic reversals of expectation (e.g., them not actually being on the splinter ship), and an actual explanation of why Brand doesn't just kill Piotr ("I don't like anybody telling me how my life's gonna play out." -- plus her "The Breakworlders believe you'll destroy them. [...] So we convince them the prophecy is wrong...or we make damn sure it comes true"), and having watched Jossverse shows I'm interested to see how this prophecy ends up ultimately playing out (though of course we've got sufficient irony already with Ord having resurrected Piotr), and plot stuff moved along, but I just wasn't particularly engaged/in love.

Other notes:

Despite all that's happened, Kitty holds Piotr's hand as he stands behind her.

"Miss Pryde has very long arms." In small font. Tugging at the cuffs of her sleeves. I love Hisako.

Interesting that Emma's tea party consists only of her, Scott, Hank, and Brand. Kitty, Piotr, Hisako, and Logan are left out. [Okay, I hadn't initially realized they're in two separate pods. Hi, I fail at spatial stuff.]

Scott to Emma: I just wanna make sure you're not overdoing it, honey.
Also, if we start to die, we should probably know.
Brand: We won't die.

Hank: If anything's happened to them. Agent Brand--
Brand: You'll what? Eat me?
Hank: In fact I will. The new math, Agent. You're outnumbered and not well-liked. And I've recently acquired a taste for human flesh, I say with some embarrassment.

I like that the Breakworlders aren't "Shoot first, ask questions later" ["You draw breath only as long as you might be of use. {...} It was no doubt a diversion, but I want the soldiers captured anyway. All information is valuable, so only kill the necessary examples."].


Hisako to Wolverine: "Tell you what: You go one day without stabbing me, you get to choose my name."

Wow, that's some badass fighting on Kitty's part.

Kitty: "God...what is this world made of?"
I want this to come back later and be relevant.

P.S. What's up with the covers? Okay, the regular one is an enactment of the closing stoneimage, so that at least almost appears in the issue. The variant one is of Beast hanging apparently restfully from a wire.


Comments from likeadeuce:

The thing about Agent Brand is, she's not as ruthless as she comes across, because deep down she actually wishes she were a superhero herself.

I was impressed/amused by Joss writing such an absolutely classic-quintessential Wolverine bit (and I mean Wolverine, not Logan, not Jamie -- the Wolverine who broods and has pain and gruffly, platonically bonds with much younger women), probably in response to the criticism that Joss either can't or is afraid to write that aspect of the character.
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