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Fire Serpent (Sci-Fi Channel, 2007)

I watched my first Sci-Fi Channel Original Movie today. I blame fox1013 (and musesfool). [P.S. IMBb says its Working Title was "Alien Fire." Which phrase at least actually was in the movie.]

The first hour or so I felt like, "I can't believe I'm watching this."

We had the unsanctioned makeout leading to death -- though only of the girl. I think the blonde reporter annoyed me even more in her second scene than she did in her first scene. I liked the black girl, though. ("Instant karma." // "Forget my ankle, these are Italian; I spent a fortune on them.") And then they both got killed off. (Why does no one ever think to run away from someone with flamey eyes?) We had the dramatic shot introducing NB -- and his line about "Mr. Line" and "Mr. Officer" felt so Joss-written Xander. There was also mush slash-goggling. Xander yelling "Dave!" Kohler just randomly being in Cooke's car with no prior introduction. The reporter and her camerawoman. Fallon talking to Cooke over the video. I did like Dutch leaving daisies on the site where his girlfriend was killed, though. Oh, and no one told me Chakotay was gonna be in this.

Once they introduced Leviticus 10:1, though. I have no recollection of that story from my Intro Old Testament class, but Bible stuff is totally a way to sell me. I want citations for all the stuff Fallon and Cooke quoted.

Yay for NB's fire knowledge saving the day.

Edit: Remember that movie that James Marsters had a small role in? House on Haunted Hill? [Wow, 1999?] Apparently it also has Famke Janssen and a slew of other people and premieres on Sci-Fi March 3 at 9/8C.
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