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CSI 7.14 "Meet Market" [watched on tape: 2007-02-03]

sigrun said, "It was interesting, but not particularly remarkable." That seems a fair assessment to me.

Nick: "Hey, you know what Grissom would say here, don't you?"
David: "Something ironic, I'm sure."

(Keppler and Dr. Robbins are opening up a body. Keppler pulls out an umbrella, and opens it. Dr. Robbins gets spattered with blood, and looks at Keppler.)
Keppler: "That's bad luck, isn't it?"

Doc Robbins: "Organ donation's heavily regulated; bone and tissue aren't."

Murder someone with a champagne bottle? And it stays unbroken? Clearly I don't handle wine bottles often enough, 'cause that feels implausible to me.

Amy McCarty -- 1969-1985 -- "We missed you this year kiddo, Be well. Fr. Anthony"
Yes, by the time I post this that arc has been resolved, but I wanted to note that I liked the way they built up Keppler's mysterious backstory.

Loved the moment at the Over-Under Cabaret when Sara said, "Bid," and flashed her ID.

Sara: "Everything is legal in Clark County."
"Miss, we don't sell sex."
Sara: "What do you sell?"
"A relationship. Isn't that what most women want?"
Sara: "I don't know. But I know what I want. I want Jesse."
"Who doesn't?"

[what most women want -- the dream]
Sara: "And that's you?
Jesse: "The 50 G's I make a month says I am."
[A woman wants to be swept off her feet.]
Sara: "I'm not sure it's something that I want to pay for."
Jesse: "But you don't wanna spend your whole life waiting for it either."

Interesting list of jail terms:
10 years for falsifying an ID
25 for grave robbing
10 for something I can't read in my notes.
10 - desecrating a body [It always seems weird]
2 - trafficking body parts

"And she's spending thousands on a fake boyfriend she's not even having sex with."

Of course at the husband's line, "She gave him up," we realize Jesse is her son and what actually transpired.

Keppler: "This guy isn't even a doctor."
Nick: "He did drop out of chiropractic school."

Jesse: "But don't tell me I have a mother. Because I don't. I never did, and I never will."
Sucks to be him.
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