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CSI 7.15 "Law of Gravity" [watched on tape: 2007-02-10]

I didn't have the negative reaction to this episode that my father did.

I give props to the dream sequences. Very film noir, which worked.

Hodges: "There are no words to describe how glad I am that you're back."
Grissom: "But I'm sure you'll find some."

Hodges: "I took your course online. It's free to alumni."
Grissom: "Oh, you're Spanky."
Hodges: "Seven-four-three. I aced my final, didn't I?"
You're weird, Hodges.

Nick: "Implants. Kinda big for my taste, really."
Doc Robbins: "The other end."
Nick: "Oh, they're for the butt?"

Nick: "You know, I spent twelve hours on a court bench last week. I could have used a pair of these bad boys."

Officer: "I'm looking at the over and under in the Sun's game. What do you think?"
Warrick: "I don't bet sports anymore."
Officer: "Not what I heard. According to Stokes, you're at the top of your game."
Warrick: "Well, why don't you get your picks from him and his fat Texas mouth. (shakes his head) I'd take the over."
This is such a random scene. I'm assuming it's setting us up for some major plot point about Warrick being back in gambling (it also occurs to me we haven't seen/heard about his wife in a while) but it seems out of character that Nick would flippantly say stuff like that. Course now I'm trying to remember just how common knowledge it is that Warrick has a gambling problem.

Warrick: "I'm just following a lead on some serialized butt implants."
Grissom: "I missed Las Vegas."

Warrick: "What're you doing here?"
Grissom: "I'm avoiding the paperwork and mail that's piled up on my desk."
Warrick: "You can take the dinette. I haven't hit that yet. Unless you're avoiding her paperwork, too. There's a lot of it."

Grissom: "I, uh, hear there was some tension in the lab while I was gone."
Warrick: "You ever hear of 'reverse forensics'?"
I can't quite read Grissom's look.

Frank: "like catnip"
Setting us up for Frank being scum as concerns women.

no statute of limitations on murder... all his cases go free
Yeah all his cases would be looked into, but they're not gonna toss out any work he ever did just because of this one thing. Though I do validate its power as a threat.

Cath: "Yeah, usually transfers don't fit in. But... think about it."
Keppler: "Catherine -- thanks."

The dream sequence, I called dad rape.

dumpster -- Sara backs away from Grissom
Sara: "I'll see you later."
Grissom: "Yeah you will."

Yes, Vik, I thought of "You smell like death" at the scene where Sara sees Grissom for the first time after his return. His insistent approach toward her kinda creeped me out. I know that point was that Sara was all "I'm gross right now" and Grissom is totally hot for her anyway and isn't that great, but it still rubbed me the wrong way -- probably because of my personal history (no trauma or abuse guys, don't worry).

The hooker saying: "call me Daddy" - whimper - Amy ... creepy! That he totally got off on the non-con aspect.

Amy: "Daddy said, never tell you."
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