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CSI 7.16 "Monster in a Box" [watched on tape: 2007-02-17]

Sat. Feb 17 -- day after tomorrow. I like the little details like that.

It looks like Grissom trimmed his beard a little. Thankfully.

Doll like that, how the heck are you so sure it's female?

Sara: "...obsessively precise: not a team player... protecting someone"

Cath: "Eyes appear to be bloodshot."
Again with the, how can you tell?

Grissom: "Methods change, killers evolve."
Hi, Catherine, that's hardly an insight unique to Keppler and Grissom.

"That looks like a doll."
Nick: "Well actually it's a death threat. Time is of the essence here."

"Wade in the Water" playing

Warrick: "Is she on something?"
Nick: "She may have already been poisoned."

Mayor Wilkins!
Shouldn't you let him go in and attempt?

[After the woman laments the death of her cat.]
Brass: "We lost an officer."

It makes a nice speech, but how does the doctor get such a comprehensive psych workup just from looking at the fact that the killer made miniature models of the crime scene?
I also disliked the leap from OCD to "obvious antisocial disorder." I would also quibble with the idea that "most murderers, lack impulse control, ability to plan ahead."

Grissom: "Stop hovering, Hodges. You're in or you're out."
Hodges: "In."

Doc Robbins to Grissom: "You know, nobody likes when you do that."

Sara (interviewing Ernie's son about their relationship, "before or after he died?"): "Let's start with before."
[analogy of stepping in crap in boots]
Sara: "And after?"
Ernie's son: "Much better."

Hodges: "I had this girlfriend who was a florist."
Grissom: "The one with the water retention problem."
Hodges: "You remembered."
Yeah, I'm as confused as you, Hodges.

Doc Robbins: "Bingo... or Keno; whichever you prefer."

Parkinson's? Eek. Aww, tears.
As a very pro-death person, I really felt for the guy.

Cath: "There's no assisted suicide program in Nevada."

The closing shot of the kids in the video zooms in on a black kid, which bothers me.
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