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Without a Trace 5.15 "Desert Springs" [2007-02-18]

Jason Turner: "What's the blockage?"
Earl: "Tree trunk tangled up with a mattress, car bumpers, some other junk."
Jason Turner: "Maybe we could sell it as a modern art sculpture, we could make a fortune."
Earl: "Suppose we should hose it off first."

Elena looks ready to cry right before she tells Sofie, "I'll take you."
[The actress who plays the daughter is "Ashlyn Sanchez." No indication that she's related to the "Roselyn Sanchez" who plays Elena.]

Martin recognized Viv's number on his cell phone. They are so inconsistent with when the agents recognize who's calling them and when they don't. Though I suppose if the call is coming from the office it all shows up "Restricted" or whatever -- but I suspect this isn't consistent and is just sloppy writing. And he sends a picture via camera phone.

Martin and Sam showed up in Phoenix awful fast. That flight's gotta be nearly six hours and yet nothing appeared to have happened in the duration. (I wasn't paying enough attenion to the "x hours missing" tags to see if they adequately reflected this.)

Alex had a St. Joseph's medal. Wikipedia tells me he's the patron "Against doubt and hesitation and of a happy death." Heh.

Elena looks really pretty.

Busting down the door without knocking first?

Nick: "Boy am I glad to see you guys."
Jack: "We don't hear that often."

"Is he gonna be okay?"
"We're doing all we can."
"That's exactly the answer I give when people here ask me that question. Doesn't mean much does it?"

"because it 'wasn't safe' for me to be with you? I still don't know what that means. The difference is that now I don't care."

How'd they get Percy Boudreaex?

Nick failed polygraph "spectacularly."
He seemed hella confident, though, and doesn't a polygraph basically read physical indicators of stress -- hence why it's unreliable, 'cause you can be nervous but telling the truth or lying but confident.

Sgt. Brown: "Worse for who? 2 years and no answers! My mom died not knowing."

Sgt. Brown: "I didn't leave town."
I like the powerful unspoken implications of that statement.

Danny: "Can we talk about what happened this morning?"
Elena: [shakes head]
Danny: "Please?"

I like that Elena points out that Carlos is always going to be in their (her and Sofie's) lives.
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