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The Class 1.17 "The Class Springs a Leak" [2007-02-19]

The teaser informed us that Ethan breaks up with Palmer and that Duncan and Nicole finally hook up. Clearly I had to watch.


I liked seeing Palmer not-dumb. It's potentially un-believable, but I find extreme ditziness far more difficult to believe. (I don't have a problem buying Yonk's incredible self-centeredness, though. Huh.)

Yup, I'd been vibing Kat/Ethan.


Kat: "Please don't take this the wrong way, but to me, you're a talking sinkhole."
Okay, I get that Kat's a cynical bitch, but she's unlikely to get paid (certainly not gonna be able to use the images in a portfolio) if the pictures are crap. This is her job, right?

Palmer: "Do you think I'm stupid?"
Kyle: "Not anymore."

Palmer to Ethan: "It's funny, I always figured if you were ever gonna break up with me it'd be because you're in love with Kat."
I liked how he kept calling her back and finally she just said, "There's a chemistry between you two! I can't explain it!" and left.

Ethan: "You don't hug."
Kat: "I give out 2 or 3 a year."

Duncan: "Are you crazy?"
Nicole: "Am I?"

Nicole: "I wasn't thinking. I just wanted to bring you back."

I love the idea that Duncan was working his ass off to get the job done on time because it was killing him being around Nicole.

Duncan: "Are you kidding? I'm a contractor! Who gets a job done on time? With Richie helping!"

Duncan: "I want all of you, or I want nothing."
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