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Heroes 1.16 "Unexpected" [2007-02-19]

Wireless clip!
Hana is hotter than I noticed her being when I saw the clip on YouTube.

"I am pregnant, not porcelain."
"What'd you do?"
I like Matt's wife being assertive and also not oblivious.

I was sad that super-hearing person was a woman 'cause I knew Sylar would kill her, and I'm getting tired of so many women getting killed off.

Dale: "I can hear rain coming from 40 miles away."

Claude, to Peter: "Do something unexpected."

S. R. Gustafson: "A partner drags you down and screws you over."
Hiro: "A partner helps by believing in you."
Gustafson: "You take a partner, all you get is their blood on your hands."

I haven't previously been all in the "zomg, Mohinder is so pretty" camp, but the scene with him and "Zane" outside the hotel he was very pretty.

Is the idea that Mohinder is working on an inhibitor new? I don't recall it, though I like it. Certainly Ted Sprague for example would have liked to have been able to turn his "power" off. And it could very well help in learning to control one's power.

Matt's wife: "It's stealing and lying, Matt. You're better than this."

Nathan to Simone: "Last time I saw my brother, he flew out of a window to get away from me. I don't think he's gonna come knocking on my door."
Simone: "He flew out a window?"
Nathan: "So to speak."
Aww, Nathan, still protecting your brother.

Nathan [on what would happen if the general populace found out]: "They would drop a collective brick."
Simone: "You think they'd burn you at the stake?"
Nathan: "That's what I'd do. Round us all up, stick us in a lab on some island in the middle of the ocean."
Simone: "Where Peter saw hope, you see disaster. Huh. Guess I'm voting for the other guy."

Ando: "Did your powers work? I had my eyes closed."
Hiro: "Me too."

Dale: "Funny, I didn't hear your footsteps."
Sylar: "Because there weren't any."
We've got living fliers and teleporters, so I feel like this ability has to be something else, but what?

Dale: "That sound, in your heart, what is it?"
Sylar: "Murder."

"...subdural hemorrhage."
Claire: "I got a C-minus in Biology."
"It's like a bruise on the brain." When she asked if Claire's mom had any exposure to radiation I was totally, "Hello S5 Joyce again."

She asked Claire if there was any domestic violence (Claire: "It's not like that. Not really.") and promised anything Claire said would be confidential, so I'm pissed that she shared Claire's theory with Claire's dad 'cause okay, she's old enough that she probably wouldn't be creating a fantasy as her only way to understand an abuse, but still.

Hana: isotope implant used for tracking viruses in Africa.
I feel like I remember that from one of the graphic novels, but I hadn't made the connection to being thought of as a virus (though I think Hana and Ted are exaggerating when they say that -- I mean, I can see why they'd think that, but I don't think the people who are tracking them necessarily see them that way).

Claire, that's super-dangerous telling your father that you know (and he's totally gonna yell at the Haitian).

Mr. Bennet: "People like her shouldn't have to know about people like him."
He really does love his wife a lot. Of course I'm not an endorser of protecting people through ignorance.

blue ipod, playing "world... new fights, new flights"
I was really hoping tv.com would have the title/artist of the song listed so I could look up the full lyrics.

Hiro: "Life isn't a comic book. Too many people have died since we began. I don't know what I'd do if I lost you, too."
Hetero-lifemates forever!

Claire: "All I wanna do is run away, but I can't. Someone's gotta protect this family from you."
Claire, I love you, but he could totally convince the Haitian to wipe your memory. This is not the brightest thing you've ever done.

Peter to Isaac: "What's a Judas get these days?"

Peter to Isaac: "You scared my only chance of hope."

They killed Simone!

The flist informs me that Stan Lee was the bus driver.


[graphic novel]
Chapter 21: "The Path of the Righteous"
Explains why Hana wasn't at the house.
Tags: tv: heroes, tv: heroes: comics, tv: heroes: episodes

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