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NCIS 4.16 "Dead Man Walking" [2007-02-20]

I watched this in large part because the teaser with Ziva saying "I just want to run away" really intrigued me. Once we established that the guy wasn't contagious and that Ziva was falling for him I realized that's what the line was gonna be said in relation to.

[Ziva and Tony are talking about McGee's leather jacket.]
Ziva: "Why? Because I'm a woman? Because I'm Jewish?"
Tony: "Because you're a great detective."
Ziva: "I am."

Ziva: "They say the clothes make the man."
Tony: "He's not a man. He's a McGee."
Gibbs: "Either way, where is he?"
Tony: "Over there, overdressed. "

Ziva: "I feel like I know him from somewhere."
Tony: "Mossad?"
Ziva: "Maybe."
Tony: "Online dating service?"
Ziva: (grabs a paperclip) "I will kill you 18 different ways with this paperclip."

Roy: "Burning Man, 2002. Extreme Twister Camp."
Ziva: "I don't even know what that means."


Abby: "It's pretty hinky. I might even say hinky-dory."
(Gibbs looks at her)
Abby: "C'mon, that was cute. A little?"
She holds her fingers slightly apart to indicate "a little" and Gibbs gently pushes them together. ♥! I love them together so much. And don't even wanna sexualize it.

Gibbs: "Abby!"
Abby: "Wow, somebody needs a Happy Meal."

Abby (on thallium): "Isn't the non-radioctive version used in rat poison?"

Roy: "My gut has integrity."
Ziva: "So does my spleen."

The doctor says he has to keep his stress low and in unison they say: "We're in the middle of an investigation."

Abby: "I don't even have that body part!"

Ziva: "...it's a mission, not a job."

Roy: "All it takes for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing."
Ziva: "That is my favorite quote ever."

Roy (falling onto Ziva): "Sorry, I feel a little dizzy."
Ziva: "I have to get you into bed."
[both laugh]
Ziva: "Sorry, it's the English."

Ziva: "Or maybe he's gay."
woman: "I saw the way he looked at you."

[Abby's straw-sucking the dregs of her drink and Gibbs tells her it's finished.]
Abby: "I just hate to see the first one of the morning go."

Gibbs (on some athletic gadget): "This one of those experimental DoD things?"

Roy: "Well tell them to hurry up. I wanna know who killed me before I die."

Ziva: "I have been working for 30 hours straight."
McGee: "It's only my 4th cup."
Tony: "Mossad, hot liquid, I'd let her have it, McGee."
Ziva: "Thank you, Tony."

I'm confused by the ending. The travel agent was taking prussian blue prophylatically? We were suspecting Ecklie or the blonde girl the whole time and I validate the travel agent as "Hi, this person would also know your travel plans," but she wouldn't actually be going with them so she wouldn't need to take the prussian blue. I was very confused.
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