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CSI 7.17 "Fallen Idols" [watched on cbs.com: 2007-02-23]

I saw the ad for this and was like, "What, Without a Trace?" 'cause CSI never does missing persons cases, and WaT even did a basketball player goes missing episode recently.


Interesting that we start with Grissom monologuing. Kinda like Heroes ;)

a dad: "Please, find my daughter before she does something stupid."
a mom: "Stupid I can live with. I need to know they're okay."

Grissom: "These kids have only been missing for 14 hours. They could have eloped to Mexico."

Grissom: "But you owe me one for getting me out of bed on a Saturday morning."
Y'know, Grissom doesn't really strike me as a lazy Saturday morning kind of guy. Am assuming this is a shout-out to the Grissom/Sara relationship.

Grissom: "Yeah, it's blood. I hope they're in Mexico."

As soon as he said "knocked her out of her shoes," I called that her body was off to the side somewhere.

You moved her neck, Nick?

[after Catherine finds crabs on the sleeping bag]
Cath: "I am buying Lindsey a chastity belt."
Grissom: "There's a hole in the metal to let the urine pass, so theoretically she could still get them."
Cath: "You are so creepy sometimes."

Sara: "What is Megan's best friend's cell phone doing in the front seat of her boyfriend's van?"
Archie: "If that's your boyfriend, if that's your boyfriend..."
[in unison]: "He wasn't last night."
♥ I'd forgotten until I Googled that this is Me'Shell Ndegéocello.

[on the vending machine]
Brass: "Oh, this is, this thing is so broken; there's a trick to it."
Sheila's mom: "Ah. I lost $2 in there."
Brass: "It's Vegas, baby, that's nothin'. "

Brass: "I mean, I don't wanna make this about me, but I need to know my office is not responsible."
Doc Robbins: "Did you hit her over the head? Because COD is epidural hemorrhaging. Caused by a blow to the top of the skull. [...] Her brain stopped telling her body to breathe, and she died."

Megan: "I keep forgetting I can't move my legs. [mother sobs] Mom, you're not helping."

Warrick: "And he wants a password."
Grissom: "Try 'Megan.' "
Warrick: " 'S too obvious."
Grissom: "Men are never as mysterious as women wish they were."

Grissom on Diane Kentner: "She was arrested last year in support of an X-rated photography show."
I was of course annoyed at the implication that she is therefore a huge perv and it wouldn't be surprising that she would have inappropriate interpersonal relationships.

Diane Kentner: "If you're under 40 and you teach teenage boys, they all wanna make you Mrs. Robinson."

Warrick: "She was on a daily dose of lithium... bipolar."
I dislike having her be medically crazy (especially since she was on medication), though it does help explain why she acted so ridiculously (her intense involvement with the kid) if she wasn't actually taking it regularly.  But still.

Nick to Megan: "I wish I could get selective amnesia. There's a lot in my past I'd like to forget about."

Sara: "You trust me?"
Grissom: "Intimately."

I'd been spoiled for the beard shaving. (Hi, Cat.) If I hadn't been, I totally would have gone to a kinky place. [Yeah, one of these days I'll finish that "Five Kinks Gil Grissom doesn't have" fic.]

Anyway, I wasn't actually a fan of the scene.  Yes I'm glad Grissom's beard goes away, but the scene just didn't do it for me.  Plus, Sara has trust issues way more than Grissom does.


carpdeus posited that Sara is the miniature killer. I think no way, though theatre_pixie's counter-suggestion of Hodges is plausible. I'm not really keen on the idea that it's anyone in the lab, though.
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