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The Class 1.18 "The Class Rides a Bull" [2007-02-26]

Okay, I should have known that hi, it's a tv show, therefore things cannot run smoothly because that's not inherently interesting. (I would argue that healthy relationships can still be flawed and interesting -- hi, Zoe/Wash -- but I validate that on a sitcom you're gonna have more focus on relationships not working than on them working.) I hadn't realized Yonk was a friend of Duncan's.

Nicole to Duncan: "You're gonna have to face the fact that things may not work out between you and him."

Ethan: "I picture everyone naked. In my head, I'm the only one wearing clothes."
Kyle: "Feeling a little exposed."
Ethan: "Oh, no, just women."
Kyle: "Feeling a little rejected."

Kyle: "Yeah, Benjamin's great."
Ethan: "Picturing him naked?"
Kyle: "Nope. He's wearing a hat."

Benjamin has a son?

Kat: "It's hard to take a superhero seriously when he's covering a little boy's penis."

Jonah: "My friend Marshall has a dog named Lady."

Personally, I would have confronted Benjamin directly, though I can understand why Ethan would go to Kat first (even leaving aside the fact that he wants her himself).

Yonk (on cheesecake): "It's like sugar and fat making love on a plate."
Richie: "As much as I'd like to have that in my mouth...."

Kat: "I don't want your pity hug!"
I love her grabbing Ethan's outstretched hands.

Kat goes back and takes her toothbrush -- "You don't get any part of me,"

Ah, the classic soap opera, "I can't leave him now, he's hospitalized."
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