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Heroes 1.17 "Company Man" [2007-02-26]

My initial reaction post is here.

I love all the black-and-white flashbacks.

15 years he's been with them.

"You'll have a partner. One of them. Keeps us all honest."
And it's Claude!
That makes Claude's comments about working with people to train them to control their abilities make so much sense. And I love the added dimension that adds to his feelings about them. (Hi, Fox, you'll be pleased to know that I just made an allusion to Fire Serpent in my mind.)

Mr. Bennet: "I don't think I'd be a very good father."

"Don't get too close. You're only her surrogate father. She belongs to us. If she manifests, we take her."
In writing this up now it occurs to me, what does Hiro's dad believe about Hiro's talk about a mission? Does he think his own son could potentially be manifesting? Is he having him tailed?

She was wee tiny 14 years ago to be 16 now (though wait, was there a retcon that she's "almost 16"? 'cause I suppose that would work).

Matt on Ted: "He actually pulled the trigger in his mind."

Mr. Bennt to Matt: "Thank you for shooting first."
I love Matt trusting Mr. Bennet. Oh, and that thinking in Japanese bit? I am of course curious as to what his thoughts translate as. mosca?

Mr. Bennet (in one of the flashback scenes): "I'd do what I've always done. What I'm told."

Mr. Bennet to Matt: "You're the only one I can trust."

As I said in my initial reaction post, I hate that Claire is stupid, with her heroics, even though I understand her not trusting her father.

Haitian: "I answer to someone whose instructions supersede yours."
Mr. Bennet: "In this company?"
Haitian: "In your daughter's life."

I assume he's talking about God (and hey, we get our second pro-God/faith bit with Mrs. Bennet, as well as stuff like "You walked through fire and didn't get burned. You were trying to tell me." / "I was trying not to tell you.") but especially given how the end of the episode implies he goes on the lam with Claire I'm really interested to meet his cohorts.

7 years ago:
Claude: "You're not as good a liar as you think you are."
Mr. Bennet: "You're the security breach."
Claude: "Is that what they're calling me behind my back? I was hoping for something more subtle. Or at least a pun. You Americans are usually good for a pun."
Claude: "The vivisection was starting to keep me up at night."
Mr Bennet: "Then why'd you get in the car?"
Claude: "Evidently I think you're a better man than they do."
Mr Bennet: "You used to believe in what we do."
Claude: "I used to believe in the tooth fairy."

3 years ago:
Mr. Bennet gets glasses. (Hee, "grandpa glasses," "grandma glasses.")
And Claire finds out she's adopted.
Mr. Bennet: "You didn't grow inside your mother. You grew inside our hearts."

Ah, the bridge again.

Mr. Bennet to the Haitian: "Go deep. Take anything that would lead them to her."
As I said in my first post, I wanted to cry -- the extent of the sacrifices he makes for Claire.


As per usual, I did not watch the preview, though I expect I'll end up getting spoiled reading other people's reaction posts. [Is it just me or does this show keep running later and later? I moved my recording to one hour: two 'cause it always turns off at the dramatic end moment and I have to turn the tv back on, but today it did the same thing so it must have been running an hour four or something. And I know it started exactly on time 'cause my recorder always switches over at exactly the beginning moment.]
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