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"and it's bound to take me out some, before it brings me back to shore"

"What's $600, if you have it to give?"
People are so good sometimes.

We watched "Evidence of Things Not Seen" (tWW 4.20) today, which continued my "deliriously happy" trend.


I'm back in one of those "I wanna chop and dye my hair" moods.

I am also again considering getting a del.icio.us account.


That "compliment me" meme is going around, and I feel really lame that I honestly can't think of stuff to say for people.  Er, that sounds like I don't like anyone, which isn't true; it's just that I can't think of actual compliments.  (Plus I'm feeling generally disconnected from people.)


Playing with the iPod engraving tool is fun.
Tags: del.icio.us, internet toys, links, tv: the west wing
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