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The Class 1.19 "The Class Goes Back to the Hospital" [2007-03-05] season finale

I know misunderstanding plotlines happen in dramas, too, but watching this episode I kept feeling like, "This is why I don't do sitcoms."

I could also do without the running gag of the not-very-attractive-or-personable-fat-woman-who's-constantly-mad-for-food.

The exchange where Yonk says he feels like Green Bay stomped on his chest and Nicole says, "But you beat 'em," and he says, "Well, it's Green Bay..." was actually kinda sweet. However, his statement that she's everything to him or whatever... his actual actions don't really bear this out. So I'm not entirely sold on him saying it, but more importantly it pisses me off 'cause it's a guilt-trip Nicole doesn't deserve.

There was stuff I liked, though.

Kat locking her heart in a box... surrounded by sharks, with guns.
Ethan's hypothetical guy having 5 days to show up -- "That's how long it takes the sharks to get their gun permit."

Duncan: "I bought a house today."
This hits especially hard because we just wrapped up The West Wing Season 4 at work.

Duncan: "It was gonna be a surprise, but now, I don't know."
Interesting that he says that after all of Nicole's "I don't knows." (It bothered me that he was ultimatum-ing, but I do sympathize.)

Aww, Speed and The Lake House. And them watching and tearing up anyway.

Duncan: "This means nothing!"
Kat: "It better not!"
I love that, though of course it will end up meaning something (to Ethan if nothing else).
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