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Heroes 1.18 "Parasite" [2007-03-05]

This show just keeps getting better.

However, Isaac pisses me off still blaming Peter for Simone's death.

Last week I was surprised at how quickly people were posting Claire&Haitian roadtrip ficlets that didn't suck (though none struck me enough to rec them). This definitely wasn't any of those fics.

Haitian: "You have not said anything all day."
Claire: "I thought you'd prefer it."

Haitian: "As soon as I know where we are going, I will tell you."

Haitian: "What they will do, not even you can recover from."

Fandom is going to provide translations of the French, right?

I dislike Claire's apparent willful obliviousness to the fact that she really can't go back. She has totally been my favorite character, but recently I've been less of a fan, which makes me sad.

Nathan's working with the FBI to bring down Linderman! (That also explains why Linderman put out a hit on him.)

Love Peter being there, invisible.

Mr. Bennet: "I could never love you enough."
Mrs. Bennet: "You do fine."
In which we continue to actually sell me on the fact that Mr. Bennet really does love his wife.

However, the idea that the Haitian only told her to pretend totally seemed weird to me. Mr. Bennet must have expected the company would interrogate his family, too; plus the Haitian has already seen how well it worked out letting someone pretend they didn't know things. I like the note to himself, though.

Mohinder: "Hope is great. We need caffeine."

Mohinder knows "Zane" is Sylar! It's possible he only found out just now on this the third day (hello religious symbolism, btw) but still.

Nathan: "When I first met you, I thought you were nuts."
Hiro: "It's okay. I thought you were mean."

Hiro: "You pretend you do not care about anyone but you care too much."
So true.

Haitian to Claire: "I do not need you happy, only safe."

I remain so incredibly not sold on the Claire&Peter vibe, though. When the Haitian said she couldn't see "him" I was like, "Zach? Huh?" Peter never even crossed my mind. And dude, she barely knows him, why this petulant insistence that she trusts him more than she does the Haitian?

I knew Simone was gonna show up apparently alive again and was wondering what the heck kind of power they were gonna give her (since we've already got someone who can regenerate). Neato that we've got a shapeshifter. (Candice. The girl who was in the lab last week. Played by Missy Peregrym, whom I recognize from icons etc. of Stick It.) Though the CGI effect implies more that she warps the appearance of reality.

Since when is Micah the kind of kid who would be into violent video games like that?

Nice segue work with DL barging in on Jessica&Niki arguing with "Did you think I wouldn't find out?" and then it being about Nathan. So Niki's been able to take control back a little; very good.

drug-induced paralysis of the brain so he can't control his abilities. nice.

Mohinder: "You know nothing about my father!"
Sylar: "I know everything!"
Sylar totally knows which cards to play.

Mohinder to Sylar: "I'm going to take a sample of your spinal fluid. And it's going to hurt."

Ando to Hiro: "I knew you'd set off an alarm eventually."

Sylar: "Nature kills."
I love this, because people glorify nature like whoa and, well, I grew up with my father who is a bit more of a realist (and yes, a touch of an acerbic cynic) about things.

Sylar: "Give me salvation. Give me that damn list so I can sink my teeth in!"
I wondered if it really is like an addiction for him, 'cause that outburst seemed to have totally undermined what he was trying to build.

Sylar: "I wasn't begging for my life. I was offering you yours."

Sylar: "You are your father's son. So determined, you didn't even notice I'd stopped the IV."

Mrs. Bennet: "But the company--"
Mr. Bennet: "Has to be stopped, for good. It's the only way she'll stay safe."
Last week people were predicting Mr. Bennet would be far more a "company man" with so many of his recent memories gone. I wasn't going as far as far as a lot of the people I read, but I was still really surprised how hardcore Claire-at-the-expense-of-the-company he was going -- and I believed and loved it.

However, his line about knowing he could talk to her or whatever, I knew it was Candice.

Having the sword, plus reunited with Ando, Hiro has the confidence to actually access his powers again.
And yet again we're on the bird roof.
In the post-apoc future.
Hiro: "It's the bomb. We didn't stop it. I failed."
Interesting, the progression from "we" to "I" there.

How did Claire get on a plane to somewhere other than what her boarding pass was for? Plus, how did she get the Petrelli's address? Though I suppose she could have gotten that from a phone book. I can't remember if Peter ever told her he was from New York.

Mrs. Petrelli -- speaking French!

Linderman = Soran from Star Trek: Generations (Malcolm McDowell).

I reallt like the trope of the "civilized" villain.

Linderman: "Do you like vegetables, Mr. Petrelli?"
Nathan: "I've been know to enjoy a zucchini when the mood strikes, but not as a rule."

life of happiness vs. life of meaning
live in the moment vs. wallow in the past and obsess about the future

And he's pushing the preference for a life of happiness, but he knows which one Nathan chooses.
"A life of meaning, Nathan."

You still haven't wiped off that blood, Peter? If Nathan hadn't said, "That's not your blood, is it?" I would be thinking you'd somehow gotten paint spilled on you, 'cause it's just as bright as when it first splashed on you.

When Peter first touched his head I thought Sylar had begun cutting him open but no, ew.

Why don't you try turning invisible or something, Peter? Try to get away!
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