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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

"A Slayer with family and friends. That sure as hell wasn't in the brochure."

Today is the the 10th anniversary of first airing of BtVS episode 1 (here in the U.S.).

I was thirteen (and two-thirds) when BtVS premiered.

I watched regularly from the very beginning, though I didn't discover fandom until the summer after S4 (I distinctly remember YahooGroups discussion of "Restless").

I learned how to be fannish through this fandom.  I have yet to love any show hardcore like I did the Jossverses, and every media text I encounter I expect the same level of meta/fiction/icons/etc. as this fandom has.  [Which is not to deny all that I learned about teh crazeh in this fandom either.]

Shared affinity remains a prime way for me to connect with people.  [I can name at least two important friendships I have basically because of shared Buffy fannishness, and people automatically win points with me for being fans of any of the Jossverses.]

I still love reading and writing fic in this fandom and still reference life to Buffy and insist that friends should watch the DVDs.  I will throw down any time anyone disses my shows of choice, or fannishness more generally.

I don't think of the Jossverses as active movers in my life at the moment but rather as a constant fact of my history/existence.  It's sort of weird to so the "how has it changed/affected my life" game when I think of it as such a huge taken-for-granted fact.
Tags: fannish history, tv: btvs

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