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"what do you hear in these sounds?"

I've come down with a cold (for at least the second time this winter; I do not approve), was too tired to post an update entry last night but was planning to use as my Subject line: Greg: "I no longer support Daylight Savings Time."  Having to drag two grade schoolers out of bed?  Yeah.  I actually wasn't tired so much because of the DST switch, but still.

However, I'm feeling better, and the warmer&sunnier weather seems to have put everyone in better moods, which is nice.  [When I left work today, the tables outside Shay's were nearly full.]

* I got an e-mail reply from mt, who is adorable as always.
* I learned that Eric has all 4 seasons of ALF on DVD.  I totally need to steal them at some point.
* After I handed in my Medieval Church paper a couple weeks ago and the prof actually talked about the material we'd written on, I felt like my paper was a total failure, but we got them back and I actually got a really good grade.
* The first slide the prof had up was a color map of Europe c. 700, with the Frankish Kingdoms in purple.  He talked for a while and then moved to one c. 800, commenting, "There are far fewer colors, and particularly the purple blob seems to have done quite well for itself."  Hee.

* Hee, FormerUnitHead e-mailed me with Subject line "por favor"
* Emma, I thought of you -- I had two cups of lemon tea with honey this morning.
* I was talking to FormerUnitHead, and his younger daughter's going to Rice next year.  He was pre-emptively bemoaning empty nest, and I snarked that it's not like he sees her much now anyway.  Actually, "Hilary and I make dinner together most nights, while we wait for Lauren to get home."  Adorable.
* I'd called Terry on Saturday to say hi and was pouty that I got his voicemail.  He called me this afternoon while doing deliveries, said he'd actually had the day off on Saturday but had come down with a nasty bug that's going around.  Which is unfortunate, but I was pleased that there was a good reason.  Plus, yay for (albeit brief) phone call.
* I'd e-mailed Skarda, mentioning, "Reunion packet came in the mail recently, reminding  me of how horrible I've been at keeping in touch with professors from Smith.  I'm thrilled that you're doing a telling&retelling  "read with us" session -- though I'm not all that into Little Women, so I may well pass on that option." Her reply included: "You might be surprised at the resonance among LITTLE WOMEN, MARCH, and THE LITTLE WOMEN for Alumnae College in the spring.  It would be fun to have you back in class.  But let's try to have a meal together while you are here."
She's doing both sessions, so I could swap either mt's Kyrie or SVD's Alias Grace.  I don't think I will, but I haven't yet sent in my registration, so here's your opportunity to try to convince me otherwise.
BTW, are any other '05ers going to Reunion?  (thistlerose, 5-year is the weekend after, so if you go to that I won't see you on campus, but I'd love to get coffee or something when you're in Boston.)
* Cailin wants to get together to catch up since she's been MIA.  Of course, it's not like I've done anything in the past month, but she's sweet.
* I made dinner for myself tonight, so good on me for that.
Tags: harvard: ext.: course: medieval church, people: h: fuh, people: n: terry, reunion: college: 2007, smith: prof: pskarda, spring ahead; fall back

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