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"I watch the window and listen for the sound of cars"

My mom e-mailed me this morning:
Subject: makin' my girl happy

there's snow blowing outside my window

I'm home today, so it's in Norwood ..... but still ....
It had not yet started snowing where I was, but by mid-morning it had, and the snow got bigger as the day went on.  Looking out the window continued to make me happy.

Prof.B. wanted to either send me home (a half hour) early or drive me to the T (since it's on his way).  After a few insistences that I would be fine, recalling two Singspirations ago with JoeF. I said that if he was going to worry I would accept a ride.  So at five o'clock I stood staring out at the snow.  At five-ten I poked my head in his office and said, "I could be halfway to the T by now."  I honestly didn't want him to be worried, but he said it didn't make sense to optimize just for him, so he let me go.  I met Nicole on the second-floor landing (she was waiting 'cause he was gonna drive her home and have their case meeting in the car) and I said, "He let me walk; I win."  She was initially confused but then remembered that I love the cold and snow.  (For her part, she spent today in a whirlwind of last-minute planning coercing some family and friends into a trip to Florida for the week after next -- since they can't really afford Puerto Rico.)  We chatted about the case for about ten minutes and then he showed up, though I still declined a ride.  "Okay," he said.  "If you die in a blizzard, it's been nice knowing you."  To which I replied, "And if you die in a car crash, well, it's been good," 'cause I had mentioned earlier that when people get all worried about storms I honestly feel safer as a pedestrian than I do in someone's car.  (It's very possible that the distinction is more that I feel safer imagining myself walking than I do imagining myself in a car, but still.)

The wind kept blowing right in my face, and the snow was hard, so I definitely sometimes had shoots of pain in my eye, but I still decided to walk all the way home (it only adds about twenty minutes of walking to my commute, and snow is so rare these days).  I must have looked quite a sight with the snow accumulating on me, including my scarf-less v-neck coat and my glasses which got increasingly fogged and ice-encrusted.  I found out when I got inside and looked at a mirror that some of my hair had blown and then gotten iced such that it looked like I was wearing a snow wreath.

Before I went inside, though, I shoveled the stairs and cleared a shovel-width path on our sidewalk.  It was really light loose snow, so shoveling was about as easy as it gets.  I put down the de-icing stuff, though tomorrow's supposed to be rainy with a high of 39F so I'm not sure it'll be necessary, but after the last snow->wintrymix storm, I'd rather not take chances.

It's possible I may need to pin a copy of this icon to my every clothes.  OriginalRoomie was home and joked about isn't it lovely weather we're having, and I said I was thrilled, and I hate when I can't make my voice sound sincere around other people's sarcasm; it took like three attempts to get it through that I honestly love the cold and the snow and voluntarily walked the hour home in the snow.

And then I got to go out in the snow again to pick up some groceries (mostly because I was craving junk food) and the snow was sparkling.  I love that.
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