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And this is the update my parents probably skip over.

lilithchilde pointed out to me: alien_altars: f/f cliche fic challenge.  None of the cliches pique my interest, but I put the information out there for interested parties.

What has caught my interest is the girl!Sam/Dean that musesfool and laurificus are writing in the comment thread of an entry laurificus started thanks to a conversation with ignipes about competitiveness in sex (specifically talking about Sam and Dean of Supernatural -- original post contains spoilers for "Home," fwiw -- but it reminded me of Macha's Nice Southern Girls -- which I just reread and which totally feeds my fantasy life re: a particular relationship-which-will-not-be-consummated).

Thinking about personal kinks (in narrative/fantasy/life) and the perennial "People should write more of [blank]" question prompted me to finally finish my writeup of "Best Lesbian Erotica 2007."  Near the end of Emma Donoghue's Introduction to the collection, she writes, "I was surprised by how little anal sex came up this year.  Lynna Jamneck's story is one of the only ones to feature even an uneasy moment of butch-butch desire."  My immediate response was to want to write femmes-with-strap-ons in like every fandom I know.  I remember being hesitant to write/post one of my fireworks [an f/f porn battle this past July] fics because it involved a woman fucking another woman with a dildo, and I was aware that there had been some mini-furor about that.  [I I hadn't really followed it, though I could guess at the arguments -- variants on: it says that women can only have sex with other women by imitating the way men have sex with women, which then brings in issues of heternormativity, patriarchy, etc.).  My rationale was that I was a (queer) woman writing sex that made me happy, and wasn't that what this was all about?  We can also talk about the danger of policing people's fantasies (and even their bedrooms) and how you're still letting the patriarchy set the standards and all that -- but unless someone is gonna come here and actually tell me I'm being a bad feminist and/or queer for wanting to fuck people with strap-ons and/or write about women doing the same, then I think we can just move on to the porn writing.  I neglected to close that square-bracket, didn't I?
Tags: fanfic: challenges, sex: non-normative

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