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When we left Passim, it was raining; when I came out of Davis T it was snowing. (Heart.)

Tonight I went to the Girlyman concert (with adrianne opening) with hedy.  I obviously didn't know the opener and had heard of Girlyman but really didn't know their music (I turned out to have one mp3, which I quite liked) but I figured why not.

Both acts I felt somewhat like the New Pornographers/Immaculate Machine concert I'd gone to with trijinx -- that the songs sounded pretty though I didn't really understand what was going on in the lyrics.

I particularly liked these Girlyman songs:
- "Easy Pearls"
- "St. Peter's Bones"
- "Reva Thereafter"

For their encore they did two covers, one of which was a queering of Loretta Lynn's "Fist City."  Hee.


During one of the anecdotes they were telling, Nate mentioned the Muppet on Sesame Street who played the piano and would say in exasperation, "I'll never get it," and bang his head against the keys.  He asked if anyone in the audience (besides his parents) knew the name of said Muppet, and I thought, "Amy would know this!"  (No one in the audience seemed to know it, so he told us.)  He also said that apparently that Muppet got pulled because kids were banging their heads against piano keys in imitation -- and that upon learning this his immediate reaction was, "I did that;" the other band members did that as children as well.

Obviously this is cause for polling.

Poll #953215 piano-playing Muppets

Who was the Sesame Street Muppet who banged his head on the piano keys?

I banged my head on piano keys (or equivalent) as a child.

Yes, but not because of Muppet modeling.
Tags: music: concerts, polls, weather: snow: 2006-2007

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