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Cold Case 4.19 "A Dollar, A Dream" // Without a Trace 5.18 "Connections" [2007-03-18]

Must be sports season again, 'cause Without a Trace started 45 minutes late. So I saw most of the Cold Case episode.

We knew the guy was kinda off from the beginning. Sad that the mom ends up dying because of his inability to fully process reality (and of course the irony of it being by the gun the store owner gave her for protection).

Natalie: "What do you know about that?"
Lily: "More than I'd like."


[at the coffee shop with all the laptops]
Martin: "Think if I walked in here naked anyone would notice?"
Elena: " [...] Thanks for the visual."
Martin: "Trust me, it's nothing to write home about."

Elena (reading the note the guys sent to Lyra): "That's where I stop reading out loud."
(I couldn't quite read the rest of the note, but tv.com says it says, "pop your cherry.")

Rebecca: "What's wrong with me?"
guy friend: "Same thing that's wrong with me."
Rebecca: "I'm gay?"
guy friend: "No, we have standards."

Is this nail polish thing (pink: oral, purple: will go all the way) actually pulled from anywhere?

Danny: "I feel weird watching this."

I dislike the promoting of this episode as all, "Do you know what your kids are doing?"

Sam to Emily: "How's mom?"
I really liked Sam's bit about how she can do her job but, "It's the little things that throw me."

Oh, The Golden Compass.
I feel lame that I didn't catch that earlier since I really like that trilogy.

Do they always bust in? Okay, he was handcuffed to his bed, so he couldn't exactly have opened the door for them, but shouldn't they knock and announce their presence before busting down the door? They know he's a cop, so he's unlikely to immediately think he's in danger and bolt, right?

What is that Jack writes on his arm? "skinner"? Obviously it indicates that he's a child molester, but I couldn't quite read it, and wouldn't know what word I'd be looking for anyway.

officer: "Do you mind if we have a few minutes alone with him?"
Jack: "Take as much time as you want."

Emily (re: Sam): "Do you know when she's gonna be free?"
Jack: "No, not really."

Jack: "Yeah, I have a brother like that."

Sam: "Well, I'm not your daughter, Mr. Howard; I'm an FBI agent, and you're hindering my investigation."

Poor girl, when she finds out her father lied to her, too.

Sam to Emily: "I hope you're happy. I hope you have people who love you and take care of you. But it can't be me. It can't."
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