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How I Met Your Mother 2.18 "Moving Day" [2007-03-19]

Hee, Lily labeling Ted's box of colorful sweaters "Bill Cosby."

Robin: "Yes, my apartment is infested with dragons."

Barney: "Correct. The answer was awkward silence."
I appreciated how upfront Barney was about the fact that he had totally made up the quiz (since that fact was obvious to everyone).

Robin: "I'm not wearing any makeup."
Barney: "Holy crap, you're beautiful."

"I'm the best" vs. "Ted's not here." [Marshall and Lily having loud sex]

Barney on Ted in suit&sneakers: "Very Ellen DeGeneres, but you pull it off."

Barney: "bro-ing away party, bro-casion, [...]"
Ted: "Oh bro me."

Aww, Marshall and Lily being all empty nest with Ted gone.

Barney: "Han style -- solo."

I'm not a fan of Robin being a smoker, but I do like that she's a gun enthusiast.

Barney points out that Ted called it "Robin's" rather than "home" or "our place" or whatever. My immediate reaction was that this is still a new concept -- and hell, he hasn't even been able to settle in to calling it home by unpacking anything or anything.

And the nonsexual threesome at the end.

(One thought, on reflection: In the immediately preceding episode we establish that Barney is terrified of driving and definitely hasn't learned to drive; so how does he steal the moving van? Leaving aside the issue that Ted must have left the keys in the ignition, which is ridiculously stupid.)
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