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Cold Case 4.20 "Offender" // Without a Trace 5.19 "At Rest" [2007-03-25]

Without a Trace started about 40 minutes late, so I watched the second half or so of the Cold Case episode.

tvguide.com/listings -- "A father pushes a registered sex offender off a building and threatens to kill a different sex offender each day until the cold-case unit solves his son's 1987 rape and murder."


"My boss is suspending public access to the Megan's Law website."
Sure enough, Pennsylvania's (the show is based in Philadelphia) website (though it doesn't tell you which level they are -- btw, the Internet has not been particularly helpful for indicating the difference between the three levels: all I've gotten is that Level 2: moderate risk, Level 3: high-risk)

[This website lists the websites for each state.]

It goes without saying that I'm very troubled by Megan's Law, right?

Lily: "looks like Ichabod Crane -- preys on people's fears"
I'm impressed that she knew that. (Though I suppose one of their research people might have found it out.) I recognized the name from when I watched Batman: The Animated Series as a kid, but I couldn't remember what his schtick was.

When they first introduced the goth punk who seemed coded to grow up to be a serial killer, I was worried, 'cause I don't like the implication that all antisocial goth kids are gonna become serial killers.

I wonder if Damon ever finds out the details of what happened to Clay, 'cause while not legally responsible he totally catalyzed the events that led to it (though of course it's likely that the dad would have given in to temptation at some later date anyway), so he would feel awfully guilty.

Eek, garage door going down. That was creepy.

Weird 4th wall breakage kinda thing with the parents seeing the kid (also weird is the kid looking so happy). They usually end with a shot like that, but it's usually at a location of closure like a cemetery, so this was weird.


tvguide.com/listings -- "Samantha's estranged sister is abducted, but Sam doesn't tell Jack or the team and begins to secretly search for her."

Having read that description, I was worried that Sam was gonna totally go it alone, so I was comforted that she was working with local PD (who even knew she was the victim's sister) -- and of course I was pleased when the NYC branch got involved.

(Sidenote: She sleeps with a guy whose name she doesn't even remember -- Brian.)

Det. King: "Turns out your sister has a nervous neighbor. [...] Got a license plate, make, and model. The lady was very nervous."

$20thousand, 10yrs of marriage

Andrew: "Is this the windup to a community property speech?"
Emily: "I'm not divorcing you, Andrew."

Andrew: "Meditation, colors, reorganizing her closet: there's a thousand paths to enlightenment."
That makes sense. (And given what we learned happened to her? No wonder she's trying all this stuff.) And I like that he follows that with, "And if it wasn't that, maybe I just didn't want to know."

Jack, to Sam: "In the personal area, you consistently make the worst choices."
Sam: "Present company included?"
Jack: "Definitely."

Viv: "Well, for the record, if anyone tasers me, dig into anything you can find."

Yup, I've been watching too much CSI, 'cause I was expecting them to be wearing gloves searching for the business card, so that if the contact info led to a dead end they could dust the card for prints.

"Emily is his mother."
I'd been kinda suspecting that during the initial conversation we saw between Emily and Dale.

Sam: "Emily did run away when she was 16. [...] I kept waiting for her to come back, and about a year later she did."

[The kid is almost 17, so that makes Emily 33, and it seemed like Sam was the younger sister, so she's like maybe 30? That's really young for all the stuff she's been through.]

Jack gos with Sam to Kenosha (Wisconsin). Heart.

Hee, "criminal prodigy" (Jack on Jeff Henry).

Sam: "Yes, I always think of you as someone who hates to be right."

Jack: "No, we're gonna follow."
At that moment you know he knows.

Jack: "Why you been lying to me? [...] You've been very careful."
I really like that explanation -- that he could tell because she was being very careful to give only the facts, "no messy truths."

Sam: "That won't be necessary. I did it."
I had remembered the shovel flashback (5.14 "Primed") earlier but couldn't figure out how it fit in -- 'cause I had thought Sam was burying the screaming girl.

Sam: "You made it impossible for me to tell the truth without getting you in trouble."
Jack: "I know."

And she says, "So what am I supposed to do know? Forget about it?" and he says, "No. You learn how to forgive yourself. You learn how to forgive yourself, so if (when? I can't remember exactly what he said) you get in trouble, it's for something you do now, not something you did twenty years ago that you have no control over."

Sam: "Is that supposed to be wise?"
Jack: "No, not really. Just not ready to see you leave yet."
Sam: "I'm tired, Jack."
Jack: "I know you are, honey. Why don't you take a couple days off?"

Oh, god, Jack, I love you so much, and I love you&Sam. I take back what I said about not wanting to see the show put you two back together 'cause it's a trainwreck. Well, okay, I don't really take it back, 'cause it would be a trainwreck, but I love how much he cares about her. (He called her "honey"! Which was actually kind of weird, 'cause neither of them seemed to treat his use of that term as a Thing.) I hated that he made it so she couldn't tell the truth 'cause I knew she'd decided to tell the truth, and I dislike lying anyway and really don't like removing people's agency, but his explanation that he didn't want her to get in trouble for this, that she should come to terms with it in ways other than a departmental sanction, and that he didn't want (in fact: wasn't ready) for her to leave yet... that made it feel okay to me.
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