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"You say good things come to those who wait"

So, having given the HBS gym my money 2+ months ago I finally went this afternoon.

New situations/environments kind of freak me out.  (Exacerbating this is the fact that I hate not knowing what I'm doing and also hate asking for help.)  It was a comfort to realize that basically nobody's paying attention to anyone else.

Lots of people had cases or whatever propped up on the display panel on their exercise bike or whatever.  This is a brilliant idea, especially since today I was stuck watching the same cycle of three non-stories on CNN.  I can print out those epic fanfics I never have time to read normally.  (I had noticed a woman with an armband iPod holder and was thinking that suddenly I understood the appeal of background music/books on tape so much more.)

I felt like I should have a long intense workout but told myself that a half an hour of low-moderate cardio was just fine as a beginning.  I should be able to go to the gym after work three days a week, and I'm telling myself it's better to do something manageable regularly than to start off with something that's gonna kill me.


I also finally started watching some of the Worlds Figure Skating I taped off ESPN last week (thanks to mosca's encouragement).

Gonna turn in early tonight, but I did finish my most recent batch of tv writeups (backdated to spare your flists).  All these staggered hiatuses throw me, though it does make my life less time-consuming to be only watching a couple of shows each week.  Not that you'd know it given how my church writeups are still continuing to pile up unfinished.
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