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[gym] Week 1, Day 2

So, yesterday I did the StairMaster 'cause hey, pedals I can do, no fear of falling off like on a treadmill.

Today I tried the elliptical, 'cause I feel like that's what *everybody* uses.  It totally kicked my ass the first ten minutes.  After I took a breather I made myself do another ten minutes, with a conscious effort to not go so hard.  (It was supremely easy to go at a leisurely pace on the StairMaster. The elliptical?  Seemed to default to a serious pace.)  Those second ten minutes were easier, and by the time I finished my third ten minutes I felt like I could keep going for ages and consciously made the choice to stop.  I didn't really wanna kill myself when I had a 30+minute walk ahead of me (to get home).  I could have rationalized it with the fact that I'm not gonna be able to get back to the gym until Friday, but I decided I was better off not pushing too hard.

Also, it's hard to read on the elliptical 'cause of that bobbing motion.  Am working on that.

I went to bed at like 10:30 last night and had trouble getting up this morning, so tonight's gonna be a *really* early night.
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