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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

HIMYM: disc 1

No small group tonight, so CAUMC!Michelle came over and we watched the entire first disc of How I Met Your Mother. She was in *hysterics.* And of course Barney is her favorite. She's threatening to send me pictures via cell phone a la "Sweet Taste of Liberty." Canon inconsistencies annoy me: In "Slutty Pumpkin," Robin says something about never having done team sports (she couldn't even do doubles in tennis), but in "Best Prom Ever" we get a field hockey joke, right? I also dislike that Robin is so unbelievably socially inept in "Slutty Pumpkin." (Ted often pains me, but at least he's consistent. Though I really don't like his plotline in "Return of the Shirt.") On a smaller note, in "Matchmaker" at one point Ted says, "There was math..." and hi, you're an architect, you're not supposed to be scared of math -- plus, earlier in that very episode he did the math to get the percentage increase from 8.5 to 9.6.

(P.S. Carlos in "Slutty Pumpkin" is played by the same guy as Duncan in The Class.)


In other news, I thought my tv was supposed to be able to tape VHS and play DVD at the same time, but apparently not. Prof.B. flew back today, so I don't anticipate being able to catch the new CSI online until sometime this weekend. So no spoilers outside of a cut-tag, plskthx.
Tags: technology trouble, tv: how i met your mother, tv: how i met your mother: quid pro bro

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