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CSI 7.18 "Empty Eyes" [watched on cbs.com: 2007-03-31]

Nice, I watched this totally unspoiled. Thanks, flist :)

Okay, there wasn't any major character arc stuff that would have been discussed outside a cut anyway, but still, thank you.

I appreciate that the writers tried to individualize each of the 6 victims, even though all I managed to retain was that Cammie was the one Sara found and Emily Wilson was the one Warrick knew.

What haunted *me* from Sara's encounter with Cammie was that Sara initially pulled a gun, yelling, "Hot scene! Suspect under the bed!" How traumatizing must that have been for the poor girl, whom we are given to believe initially thought Sara was the killer anyhow.

When Sara picked up the wine bottle and said "pour wine," I heard "more wine" in the flashback and thought, "Maybe 'port wine' as in 'port wine stain'?" so points to me for having gotten that early.

When the phone buzzed and Hodges was hesitant to answer it and we saw the Caller ID was "Mom" and the woman was asking for "Libby" I thought his mom had Alzheimer's. It wasn't until he got to the "I have some bad news" that I realized the phone was a piece of evidence rather than his personal cell phone. Should he really have answered it?

I loved Warrick's conversation with Emily's grandmother.
grandmother: "I haven't seen you since your grandma passed."
Warrick: "The old neighborhood reminds me how much I miss her."
grandmother: "You was always interrupting your grandma. She liked that, though, said you was always thinking."
And oh, to have to tell her her granddaughter (of whom she is so proud) is dead, after she's told you her daughter's dead of lung cancer thanks to her no-good husband. OUCH. I love that the grandma yells (at God).

Nick tells Luis (the guy who did what Sara called, "It's an airhead piece.") they'll need his knife, shoes, and a DNA sample.
Luis: "You can have whatever you want -- just stop looking at me that way."
      I loved that moment (and also knew in that moment that he wasn't guilty).

Grissom tells Greg that the civil suit was settled out of court for $2.5mil, explains, "It's just... political pragmatism." I like that we got continued follow-through on that plotline, and that Grissom explains it so unemotionally (though on reflection I think there's some weariness there as well) I'm reminded of how long he's been a higher-up and how he never wanted that kind of job, never wanted to have to deal with all the bureaucracy, just wanted to be a CSI (which also got a mention in his return-from-hiatus ep when he shows up at Warrick's crime scene, says he's avoiding all the mail and paperwork on his desk).

Sara to Hodges: "What's wrong with you?"
Hodges: "Nothing -- you ever do the right thing and still feel guilty about it?"
Sara: "Yeah. Sucks, doesn't it?"
      I love that she notices something's off about him. And it's nice to get to see him other than his usual all cocky and fun.

Sara: "I got a gun. It's plastic. It's a toy."
Nick: "Looks real to me. I'd be petrified."

Sara: "What's her name?"
Cory: "Finn. After Cammie's grandmother. But her adoptive parents call her Annabelle."
Sara: "She kept in touch."
Cory: "They were pretty cool. I didn't have contact, but they would send Cammie a picture every year on Finn's birthday. And every year, Cammie and I would get together, have a beer, and look at 'em. The biggest regret of my life is not marrying Cammie and raising Finn together. I wanted to, but she said we were too young. Maybe if we had--"
Sara: "Cory, you can't blame yourself."
Cory: "Were you with her when she died?"
Sara: [nods]
Cory: "At least Cammie died, knowing kindness."
And we get the flashback, which we can now understand to say, "G'bye, Finn." I'm undecided as to whether I want Sara to have told Cory what her last words were.

The killer gives his speech, ending with "empty eyes," from whence the title of the episode.
Brass: "That's not what I asked you. I asked you, why did you kill them?"
      And we get the appropriately disturbing explanation (though it felt familiar enough; the really disturbing for me was his aforementioned speech), and Brass asks him why he's smiling, and he says, "I don't feel anything." So we're going with sociopath? (Sidenote: The flashback in which the girl yells and is pulled into the room, was right out of a horror movie, and appropriately frightening.) He's definitely somewhat delusional or otherwise not-right to think she was flirting with him just because she appeared to smile at him like that on her way out. But why did he slash his own throat? Sara and then Brass on tv both suggest suicide attempt, but that doesn't seem to fit. I dislike that that didn't really get resolved. I also don't understand why he grabbed Sara when he realized she knew he was the killer, since it's not like he could have killed her right there, right? Though I guess if he just panicked...

Sara: "I held his hand. Just like I held hers. I lose perspective."

My immediate reaction was to think that they were both dying/wounded and that holding their hand is exactly the response we are supposed to have. (Though obviously I understand Sara's revulsion.) This is heavily informed by my belief that we are called by God to do all things in love (yes, I know Sara's basically an atheist) and I also thought about Madeleine L'Engle's A Stone for a Pillow (the second book in her Genesis Trilogy). I'm currently reading it, and one of her themes/frames seems to be this criminal case she was on a jury for, and she talks about how we are called to love *everyone* and how God's judgment isn't like our criminal justice system (she refers to Nicholas Berdyaev's Revelation and Truth a lot), though certainly in our world a criminal justice system is necessary and she posits ours as one of the best in the world, particularly because of its presumption of innocence until proven guilty.

[Edit: I heard Sara's statement as I typed it above, but tv.com quotes it as, "I held his hands, just like I held hers and I lost perspective," and while I know they don't always get stuff right, this version of it makes more sense to me than mine. I had been confused by what exactly Sara meant by "I lose perspective," but in this version it seems more clear that she's explaining why she's so broken up about this case.]
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