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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

"Then sings my soul..."

The weather today has been just beautiful.  Walking back from CWM this evening it was just starting to rain, which is a lovely feeling, and I love the smell of rain on pavement.  When I went to the gym on Saturday it was like the b-school campus had been flooded or something, but that mud smell was great.

Before service at CWM tonight, I had started to read the bulletin and then heard Trevanna call my name.  I looked up to see Mark (sitting behind her) waving piteously.  Apparently I was ignoring him :)  It was a really nice feeling -- that people want my company.

Tiffany also said we should do coffee again, which lifted my heart.  I said it would have to be a little later than last time 'cause I've been going to the gym after work.  I said that it took me forever to actually start going, despite its convenience, and now I'm like, "Oh, this is so easy; it only cuts an hour out of my day," and yet I can't manage to do my Medieval Church reading or even spend ten minutes each morning in Scripture.  She said she thinks working out can be a spiritual thing -- wholeness etc. and said she's never been able to meditate while at the gym, but...  I said that my mom had talked about getting into a contemplative space at the gym and I can't do that but that I have been making a conscious effort to when I'm walking (which I am a lot) to instead of obsessively planning to really try to be in prayer.  [I also thought, though I did not mention, that "wholeness" seems to have become my big theme in trying to deal with spirituality.]

I'm starting to feel just a little bit like I'm actually living this spiritual journey (as opposed to doing lots of unconnected intellectual engagement -- and thus am feeling a little but more at peace with all the as-yet-unfinished to-do-list items related to all that learning).


In other news, I got an e-mail today.
The annual Boston Gay & Lesbian Film & Video Festival at Museum of Fine Arts, Boston is right around the corner, May 9-20. Film selections & schedule will be available within the coming weeks at www.mfa.org.
I am sad that one of the weekends of the festival is Reunion since I'm already limited as to when I can go what with church stuff -- the e-mail was about volunteering during the festival and I'm not even sure I can swing that, though I suppose I might look into it.  That it is coming up makes me feel a bit guilty that I still have unfinished writeups from when I went last year, but the existence of the festival makes me really happy.
Tags: film festivals: mfa: glbt, spiritual journey

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