Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

Wednesday already?

At 5:34 I was the first FA (except for Alyssa, who works 8-4 and none of whose faculty are teaching NEG) to leave.  Amusingly, I wasn't even working on NEG stuff.  (I am v. glad Prof.B. has a Nicole.  He had me working on incorporating changes from two different versions of a document for a company he consults for; he needed a final version of said document tonight.)

I went down to say bye to Katie and ended up hanging around chatting for a bit.  It wasn't until it was about ten of six and I was leaving with MaryAlice (who by that point was just waiting to avoid peak rush hour traffic) that I remembered I actually had somewhere to be at 6.  I should have remembered this, of course, because if I didn't I would have had my gym bag with me.  Was just Bible Study, which is eating until 6:30/7, so I wasn't worried and still stopped on the way to picked up the new Buffy comic.  (Haven't finished yet.  Do not spoil me.)

MaryAlice had been bemoaning the weather, and I was saying I like the cold and the snow, and also the rain (though admittedly not often cold rain), so when we parted ways she stopped herself from saying, "I hope you stay dry," and instead said, "I hope you find the weather is to your liking."  ♥

The story of my day:
At 1:42, people seemed to be leaving the (12-1:30) TGM and I was pleasantly surprised.  Oops, turned out to be just a 20-second break.  3:18 people started dispersing for real.  I'd been allowing for each to run a half hour later in my scheduling of Prof.B's calendar, but I may need to rethink this as Nicole thinks this will continue to happen.

First day of teaching tomorrow.  Ready set go.

Edit: Got an e-mail from my mom.  Those of you who remember Mr. P. from NHS and will be around N'wood the afternoon of (Sunday) May 6, e-mail me for details if you haven't already heard.  [Is it just me or does that sound like cryptic notice of a funeral?  Is totally not.]

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