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CSI 7.19 "Big Shots" [watched on cbs.com: 2007-04-06]

blonde: "I thought you just wanted to steal some gloss off my lips."
brunette: "Yeah, and you bought it."

Brass: "Hey, anyone have any videos, or photos, or the crash? If you do, I promise to get 'em on the Channel 8 News."

Grissom: "Well then that must be his brain on drugs."
Oh the visual pun.

Greg: "This neighborhood rained blood."
Grissom: "And we have to process every drop of it."
Greg: "Make Bobby Dawson's boat payment this month."

Hodges: "I was right; it's a lot like garbage collecting."
Greg: "You're not helping, Hodges."
Hodges: "I have no intention to. Field rotation for the lab techs was Ecklie's idea. He was very explicit that I was only allowed to observe."

[Don't you tag and photo the casing before picking it up?]
Grissom: "50millimeter [..] from a Desert Eagle."
Hodges: "Or a coffee shop. I could drink an espresso outta that thing."

I was kinda squicking at the injuries on the girl and then Doc Robbins said, "abrasions [... ] go down to the bone." Eek! (Hi, I don't do pain well.)

tech guy: "Club scene's getting really tame these days."
Greg: "There's gotta be something on the money."
tech guy: "It's positive for cocaine. Along with every Benjamin in the country."

tech girl to Greg: "You know, if you're still having trouble coming to terms with the fact that this is no longer your lab, I suggest counseling."

Cath: "Las Vegas origami. Pretty corny."
Sofia: "Bet it'd work on me."

under-sheriff: "I'm trying to avoid a harassment suit here. [...] This would have been so much easier if you had been the black guy."

suspect: "Ma'am. Nicest cops I've ever seen. May be the hottest chicks I've seen all week."

Grissom: "Stretch limos are custom-made. Take a Lincoln Continental, cut it up, stretch it with whatever parts you have available."

under-sheriff to Sofia before press conference: "How do I look?"
Sofia: "Like fresh meat."
under-sheriff: "Hope I hold my temper as well as you. you've got a big future in this department. Send the dry cleaning bill to my office."

Greg, confronting the mom -- "What do I owe you?" -- is a bad idea, right as you are.
mom: "Aaron, is all I have left."

Grissom: "If the kid's brother hadn't died, would you have done the same?"
Greg: "I dunno -- You think it's wrong?"
Grissom: "Doesn't matter what I think."
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