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Good Friday

[from musesfool]
Tonight, Everyone Is In Love
-Jan Bottiglieri

Tonight, everyone is in love.
Gaze at the face
of the spilling moon
and tell me this is not so.

a child is in love with an arm,
a boy is in love with a car,
a woman's in love with a photo

of a man, of course, in love.
Old stories, true, but
tonight, wet with the fiery moon,
again we can love them.

One hundred striped spiders
are in love
with places in my house
I am afraid to go.

Tonight, a bride
is in love with a groom, a groom
is in love with a bride, a guest
is in love with

the groom's pierced
ear, which is all she knows of him,
and with the way his black jacket moves
to show he is crying.

The cake on the table is
in love
with the knife my mother uses
to bless it.

Tonight, everyone is in love.
Look at the night’s blazing buckle of moon
and try telling
the desperate stars otherwise.

A girl is in love with a book tonight,
and the book is in love
with the swans’ necks of her sweet fingers
along its cracked spine.

Even the ram, its head inclined,
is in love with the thicket
where he waits in
white moonlight burning

for Abraham,
whom he loves.
Tonight, under the spilling moon,
I confess to you:

everyone is in love.
Trelawney e-mailed a poem she'd written some years ago about Good Friday and God's solidarity with suffering and I was reminded of Catie Curtis' "The Big Reprise," which I love so much. This also prompted me to go back and look at some of my Daily Lenten poetry postings from last year. Lot of good stuff there.

Also: Today we watched "Gaza" (The West Wing 5.21).
Tags: holy week: good friday

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