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"Christ is risen." "Christ is risen, indeed."

I didn't fall asleep until after midnight last night, but when my alarm went off at 5:15 I actually got up.  So I went to my first Easter sunrise service.  I wasn't particularly impressed, but I've never been good at living the liturgical year so all the joy and hope of the empty tomb etc. doesn't feel particularly meaningful today as opposed to any other day.  [Er, that sounds unclear.  I mean not any moreso than any other day, not trying to imply that I never find it meaningful.]  And talking politics over Easter breakfast was not my favorite thing ever, but I do still like the people.

So in about an hour I'm leaving to go to morning service at the Presby (hoping to see Gusti, who wasn't at sunrise service) and then going to my parents' for 2pm-ish Easter dinner, which sadly means not going to Cambridge Welcoming.

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