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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

Without a Trace 5.20 "Skin Deep" [2007-04-08]

Whee, this actually started on time for once.

I like the actress who plays Tess.

Is it just me, or does the groundskeeper read as a touch mentally handicapped from the beginning?

Andrew: "He's a park ranger."
Tess: "He's a stranger until I say otherwise."

That Tess would do something to her son seemed too heavy-handed for me to believe it wasn't a misdirect. I did appreciate the resentment and the drifting from her husband and the feeling like drowning.

Tess letting granddad meet Andrew, complete with college fund extortion. I could buy that it was his wife's death regret/wish, and I winched for him when the mom introduced him as, "Mr. Dalton from the library." Makes sense, especially since she was hiding this from her husband.

Viv: "I would want to make sure they were followed."
Personally, I would be terrified that they would kill my son, so if I were given the choice I would go with no tracking device.

When Tess said, "I can't tell you," re: the $1K she took out of Andrew's college fund, I called abortion. Usually I'm crap at the plot twists that aren't huge gimmes, so I was really impressed with myself.

Stupid father, listen to Jack and let the guy on the motorcycle take the money; don't fight him for it.
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