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HIMYM with Michelle: S1 disc 2

It was raining when I left work today, so I was telling Ranjan how I was tempted to take the tunnels to Shad but ultimately decided against it.  He had complimented me on my white sparkly sweater earlier and now said, "But you have Sparkle Power, so you won't get wet." The short walk to the gym really wasn't bad, and I actually enjoyed the walk to the T afterward in the heavy rain.  When I left Davis T the rain was much lighter, but I decided I was done and actually used my umbrella.

I went to the gym after work.  I did the weight-loss program on the elliptical, which is just what the diagram looks like: exactly the same as the interval program, just the intervals are longer.  I pedaled backwards for the second half.  (mile 1: 11:20, mile 2: 22:50)  I watched a pretty good forum on CNBC about the Don Imus thing (though the closed-captioning was kind iffy, which was frustrating).  Panelists included Hugh Hewitt, and Bill Cosby got positively namechecked :)  (Hi, mom.)  I didn't do the rowing machine 'cause Michelle and I were planning to hang out with dinner and HIMYM.  I felt more awake when I woke up at 6:00 and 6:30 this morning than I did when my alarm went off at 7, so I may have to actually start doing some gym work, or something in the morning.


We stopped after the penultimate episode of disc 2 ("Game Night") 'cause she needed to get home.  Worked out 'cause that's a way better stopping point than the last episode on the disc ("Cupcake").

It's nice, watching the episodes actually in order and watching the stuff develop.  And I have now filled in all the gaps in my S1 watching.

Michelle pointed out that Trudy in "The Pineapple Incident" is Winnie Cooper from The Wonder Years (which I've never watched). [Oh, and she's Elsie on The West Wing!]

Thoughts on "The Wedding":
1. Stuart gets married?  Continuity, what?  Oh, right, he's already married in the first-run episode I watched this week, which takes place a year later.
2. "Close your eyes" -- omg what a heartbreaking line.  (BtVS reference, natch.)


IMDb says that HIMYM is in reruns for the next two weeks, but it's two of the best S2 eps: "Swarley" on the 16th and "Slap Bet" on the 23rd.  I'm taping them so I can inflict them on people.  (I also signed up to be notified by Amazon when the S2 DVD is available.)

Should I get a HIMYM icon?  I'm pondering "most casual stalker ever," but I already have a BtVS "knowledge is power" icon plus a Ravenclaw and a Ravenpuff (hi, mari4212) icon.  Maybe a pineapple icon with "but why is the rum gone?"


Kurt Vonnegut died. [NYT, CNN, TIME]  I saw a post yesterday that said something like, "In the words of Kurt Vonnegut, 'So it goes.'"  I use that phrase all the time, and hadn't realized that phrase was particularly associated with him.  (I read a bunch of his novels when I was a teenager, though they weren't particularly formative for me.)


miriam_heddy posted about fannish friendships and proposed:
In memory of those we've lost, find a fan who isn't your bestest friend, who isn't in your closest clique, who you may never have seen in person, but who still means something important to you. Tell that person today, or this week (and don't stop telling them) what they bring to your life, and to the life of this community.
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