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CSI 7.20 "Lab Rats" [watched on cbs.com: 2007-04-13]

I felt like there was way too much filler in this episode. Even if you hadn't seen the previous episodes in the miniature killer arc, you didn't need this much flashback, and for someone who had already seen the episodes, it felt tremendously tedious and repetitious.

Anyway, notes:

Hodges: "And by work, you mean IMing your Icelandic pen pal, who thinks you look like Warrick Brown, because that's the picture you posted."
guy: "How..."
Hodges: "I just know."

Hodges: "It's not always what you look at, but how you see." (Thoreau)

Hodges: "We're lab techs, we think differently than the field workers, they deal with people, we deal with things. [...] I think we can find the thing that links all four murders."

Hodges: "We have one shift to show Grissom what we're made of. Tonight we could be heroes."
me: [sings] "We can be heroes, just for one day..."

Hodges: "It's time to think outside the box." [cue credits]

Grissom: "Where's his head, David?"
David: "Haven't found it yet."
Grissom: [scoffs] "Day shift."

The rat coming out of the body was totally Alien.

Mandy: "Ew."
Archie: "Tell me about it. I had to scan this thing for hours. Haven't been able to eat chicken since."

Wendy: "Davey Hodges and the Lemmings."

guy: "So we're looking for an obsessive, meticulous, dark-ass misanthrope. Who seeks recognition for his efforts."
Hodges: "When would I find the time? I'm always here."
guy: "Can I have a chip?"
Hodges: "No."

guy: "All the miniatures have food."
Wendy: "But is it considered food if it's still alive and clucking?
guy: "You've never lived in Pennsylvania."

Grissom: "Can you smell that?"
Doc Robbins: "Yeah."
Grissom: "You shouldn't be able to smell that through your suit."
Doc Robbins: Good to know."

NaOCL - bleach

Wendy to Hodges: "I can't believe for half a second I thought -- "

I recognized "Mr. Blue Sky" by ELO [tv.com tells me that's "Electric Light Orchestra"]

Hodges won an ebay auction: Three's Company Board Game

The Bellows -- James Tilley Matthews


If I were more of an action flick kind of person, I would be more tempted to watch John Cena's movie The Marine.

"Would somebody shoot this guy?"
"What's it look like we're doing?"
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