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Let's recap my post-work to-do list:

* go to the gym
I ended up talking to people for some time after work, so I didn't get to the gym until 5:30.  Both rowing machines and all the ellipticals save one were in use.  The one I got sounded like there was a piece out of whack, but it didn't break under me, so that's good.  As I said, I did the interval program, switching pedaling direction each mile.  (mile markers: 11:05, 22:44, just after 35; 2.62mi at 30-minute mark)
By the time I finished, the rowing machines were free, so I did a half hour on there.
I have a weird relationship with the gym.  I don't feel that endorphin high after/during a workout, but after only a week or two of going I found myself wanting to go to the gym when I was in a bad mood.  I would really like to be able to do an hour at the gym every day, but I'm not sure I can make that work with my schedule.  It would probably be best if I went in the morning before work, but even leaving aside the difficulty of hauling myself out of bed, I don't like functioning before I've had my shower (I feel gross) but I think the headband pulling my hair out of my face would mess up my hair for the rest of the day (especially if it were still wet when I started, which is highly likely).  Grr, I feel so shallow.  Yes, I could take another quick shower at the gym after, but that feels inefficient -- plus, is it gonna make my hair hate me?

* go to B&J for Free Cone Day
Wait-time: ~15min.
Flavor: Bananas on the Rum
I approve.  I wasn't even particularly craving ice cream, but who turns down free yummy food?  Especially since I walk by the Garage on my way home.  There were people in line getting their second free cone, which I disapproved of, but so it goes.

* buy groceries
Mission accomplished.
Bonus: Saw Will on the way back.

* call my fake boyfriend
The comments on my last entry?  Yeah, I don't even know.  I'm surrounded by crazy people.

You know I’m thinking of you
In the bookstore, in the laundromat
Guess how much I love you
Much more, more than that
More than that

-The Lucksmiths


I was telling Ari last night that I wasn't sure how one did an ALM in Religion at Harvard Extension.  The ALM requires 10 courses, and there are only 12 listed in the whole department for 2006-2007.  Additionally, the course offerings seem to fall into two major categories: religion&politics, Buddhism -- neither of which are exactly my areas of interest (though I wouldn't mind taking a class or two in each).  There are also cross-listed classes that look interesting (though browsing the cross-listings also sucks me back in to interest in English classes).  [Okay, reading the details, it looks more like you're effectively required to take six courses in your field, one of which must be a seminar.]

The biggest problem is that really I wanna learn about Christian theology, and that's not what this program does.  So now of course I'm browsing HDS and ANTS and BU.  I'm undecided as to how I feel about these programs, in large part because apparently I can't decide what it is that I'm actually interested in engaging with in depth.

I'm not taking any classes this summer, so I think I'm gonna try to make a conscious effort to do a lot of reading, 'cause it frustrates me that my knowledge is so piecemeal.


I have umpteen social/event possibilities this weekend, including Safe Colleges.  Which I was so underwhelmed by, but which is so tempting since it's right down the street.  Do I wanna go to the "Understanding Bisexuality" session?  Is "Accepting God: Finding an Inclusive Religious Community" gonna make me wanna kill myself?  Do I wanna go to "In a Box to the Left: Queer Cultures and Identity Politics" to point out that being queer doesn't require being a lefty?  Do I wanna go to "Family Values: Envisioning Alternative Queer Families"?  Decisions, decisions.

I've also started browsing theatre stuff again.
     from BostonTheatreScene.com:
* Confessions of a Mormon Boy (4/25/2007 – 5/19/2007) Boston Theatre Works, BCA Plaza Theatre
* La Boheme (4/19/2007 – 4/22/2007) Boston University College of Fine Arts, BU Theatre - Mainstage
     from ArtsBoston.org (which does not lend itself to permalinks):
* The Wild Party (04/24/07 To 05/20/07) New Repertory Theatre, Arsenal Center for the Arts
* Children of Eden (05/11/07 To 05/20/07) Riverside Theatre Works
* Giselle (05/10/07 To 05/13/07) Citi Wang Theatre
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