Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

"Shot through the heart, and you're to blame"

Grr on being unable to clear Print Area, forcing me to do lots of extra work reformatting after C&P.  Mostly Excel was good, though -- especially after I remembered various features it has which made the data print-out better.  PowerPoint was also annoying.  Yeah, I didn't really need to be reminded that I do not envy Nicole her job at all.  Also my first time (at least this semester) working through the lunch hour; oh 1:10 class.

I got tofu stir-fry for lunch.  Yay protein.  I ended up not eating most of the vegetables, though, which was kind of unfortunate.

Having had two separate conversations yesterday about how the elliptical is no-impact, especially since the conversations included talk of one-mile times, I decided to do the treadmill today.  I've been averaging an 11+ minute mile on the elliptical interval program, pushing myself.
I did the interval program on the treadmill (which alternates between incline 0 and incline 3).  It took me some time to figure out how the treadmill worked, so I did varying speeds -- highest was 5mph.  By the time I finally did one mile (17 minutes!) I was ready to die.  Hurting especially at the bottom of my ribcage.  So I walked most of the remainder of the half hour -- though I could totally walk at 3.8 mph.  I actually hit mile 2 at 30:21 -- making that second mile 13:21.  Clearly the lesson here is that my body doesn't like running.
Apparently there is a pause button somewhere which I hit.  "PRESS SPD UP TO CONTINUE."  Yeah, super-helpful when I see nothing marked that.  So I accidentally ended a little early (33:49, at 2.22mi).

Yeah, I was definitely not doing the rowing machine after that.  I really just wanted to strip off all my clothes and take a cool shower.  In retrospect, I could have gone to the front desk and gotten a towel and taken a quick shower, but the cool and misty air outside turned out to be sufficient.  I was still glad to take my clothes off when I got home, though.

Also: icon love!
     aka, Amy Foxlet love.  She also filled a cap request for me, so I have another HIMYM icon now, too.
          aka, Robin (boobs) love.

Dear LiveJournal: This icon cap (currently at 137 for Permanent Users) displeases me.  Okay, I reached the point some time ago wherein I forget the existence of lots of the icons I have, but when I pull up the page and refresh my memory I don't actually want to delete any.  I would give you money for more icons, honest.

Edit: lunabee34 has posted her Best Lesbian Erotica 2007 response.  Yay!  ::goes off to read::


In other news, I am seriously considering withdrawing from my Medieval Church class (which, okay, I probably can't even do at this late date).  I had a vague idea for a research paper, but one of the other grad students ("now you are six" the prof said in one e-mail -- hee!) is doing basically the same thing and his statement of purpose is so much smarter and more thorough and engaged and everything than I'm even inclined to be.  I haven't been doing the class readings the past few weeks, I have no interest in the research paper... I would like to catch up on the readings, and continue attending class, but I have like zero interest in having any obligations of productivity.  ::fails at being a student::
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