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[CHPC] Third Sunday of Easter (Earth Day) [2007-04-22]

Karl's stole had like dashiki print, with savanna scenes at the bottom -- black silhouettes of animals with sunset colors in the background.

I wasn't taken with the "Stewardship And Creation" hymn selections -- "Stars And Planets Flung in Orbit" and "We Cannot Own the Sunlit Sky" [which had the tune "Endless Song" -- i.e., "I cannot keep from singing" "How Can I Keep From Singing?" The closing hymn was "For the Beauty of the Earth," which I kinda liked -- and which actually seemed familiar.

When Gusti did the Words of Assurance, she pointed out the change in weather from last Sunday to this Sunday, said it's a reminder that "God can make all things new." She said that we are "forgiven, set free, made new."

In her introduction to Passing of the Peace, she said, "Take as much time as we need."

Scripture: John 21:1-19
Kristy gave the sermon, titled "Re-Inspired."
"Inspiration, beauty, miracles become motivations."
She listed statistics and mathematical predictions regarding the environment and resource/energy usage and etc. and talked about vision, and she also talked about how she falls short and gets frustrated and burnt-out and all that and how sometimes she needs to forget the vision for a little while. She segued this into the Gospel text: that need to forget the vision, to go back to the beginning -- fishing, in this case. She had already mentioned that this story is very similar to one in Luke and who knows whether it really happened twice or if the Gospel writers were just using the same story for different purposes, but that she likes the idea of this same story as a calling and a calling back. She said that we are forced to admit that although we have relaxed, we have not caught any fish. She continued, talking briefly about Christ inviting us to breakfast and how we must dive in to the water back to him, and it was very elegant but I didn't manage to write it down.

Edit: The May issue of the Clarendon Connection had the full text of Kristy's sermon, so I got the ending after all:
When Jesus stands on the shore and asks how it is here in our solitude we must admit that while we have finally relaxed ourselves, we have not caught any fish.

When he offers us breakfast on the shore we must dive into the water and rush to meet him ready to remember.

We must eat the food he offers and listen closely as he reminds us slowly of the vision – as he re-inspires us for the work ahead, with our eyes closed, the early morning sun on our faces and the songs of birds in our ears.

She also did the Focus on Mission. Karl said, "Kristy: The Epilogue." She said when she does the Focus on Mission she usually lifts up something about environmental issues, so she thought wouldn't it be ironic if on Earth Day she did one not about the environment -- though she admitted that it did tie in somewhat. She talked about stewardship, specifically fiscal resources. She said the way we use our fiscal resources "exhibits our values and supports the communities we love."

Introducing the Our Father, Karl said a number of "a prayer [blahblahblah]" phrases, the last of which was, "a prayer using the words 'debts' and 'debtors,'" which I appreciated even though the text of the prayer was printed in the bulletin.


During coffee hour I chatted with Luke (who goes to Harvard Divinity with Sarah&Tim). At one point I admitted I had forgotten his name, and he said, "Luke, like Star Wars... or the Gospel."
I talked some about extension school and mentioned an interest in maybe getting a degree in Religion or English. Luke said, quite strongly, "Don't do the divinity school." He said it's very academic and there really isn't much reflection, which is something he thinks should be like the point of a divinity school. He and Tim agreed that no one really likes it and also that there's this very high-powered culture of achieving which one eventually gets sucked into.
I asked how the theology classes are if it's very academic rather than reflective, and Luke said, "There are no theology classes." He said he took a Science and Religion class, which was basically a theology class, and people were just yelling at each other, they couldn't agree on anything, not even definitions of concepts. He said it was too big a class for discussion so basically you just got one-liners. He said there's a very diverse community, but it means they can't ever agree on anything.
He mentioned Yale Divinity approvingly and later said that it's "like a church that happens to teach religion," whereas Harvard is "a school... that happens to teach religion."
So that was interesting.
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