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Heroes 1.19 ".07%" [2007-04-23]

Nathan: "What could you possibly know about healing?" Which means of course that Linderman will turn out to have healing power. Yeah, that pause felt too long.

Dude, Linderman's playing psychohistorian (Asimov's Foundation), with his plan of Nathan leading the people.

.07% of humanity will die in the bomb... My ends-justify-means self is inclined to be sold on that, but the problem is that I don't trust the plan will necessarily work. And given that the show has already rejected the idea that Peter needs to cut all his relationship ties, positing instead that it is exactly the strength of those ties that will lead to his success, I think we'll be shown a better plan than Linderman's. (Yes I know Linderman's The Big Bad so of course his plan won't be shown to be sympathetic, but I'm hoping for an actual better plan, not just working against his plan.)

When Sylar lifted up all the pieces of broken glass I realized what he was going to do. Very smart.

Didn't Suresh have any weapons he could have used to kill Sylar for real, though? Even just a kitchen knife to the throat.

DL: "Hell, you didn't turn into Jessica, you turned into your old man. I'll die before I let you do to Micah what he did to you."

When Angela told Suresh to leave I wondered if she was gonna ask Linderman to heal him (if Linderman can even do that). Is in keeping with the show thus far that rather than making them further beholden to Linderman they would solve this in a way that increases family communication and bonding.

Nathan: "Why does it matter anymore? Peter's dead. We're not having this conversation."

Hee, Claire pulling out the piece of glass is like a reverse Snow White.

Wow, Peter looks different with the slicked back hair and five o'clock shadow.

Nathan (to Peter): "I don't know who I am without you."
Nathan (to Peter): "Most of what we are is what people expect us to be."

Angela: "It's okay, I know. I knew long before either of you did." And the look on the boys' faces. Hee.
And what she said to Claire earlier, about choices... is left ambiguous so we don't know if she has a power or not.

I kinda feel like the trio would have been better off going to Linderman than going to NYC (and not just 'cause NYC's gonna get blown up).

Isaac: "You're late."
Sylar: "This is usually the part where people start screaming."
Isaac: "I tried fighting the future. It's too big for me."
I like his little speech, about how he destroyed everything good that every came to him, how he finally gets to be a hero (I felt lame that it took me so long to realize that it was in the comics he had sent off that he explained how to kill Sylar).

Nathan to Claire on his mom: "She warms up." [rolls his eyes] "Sort of."

Is Sylar painting Paris?

Hiro: "The bomb. I didn't stop it. So many people must have died."
I remembered at that moment how formative the story of the atomic bomb dropping on Japan was for him.

Note to self: I need to catch up on the comics. (They did a six-issue arc over the hiatus, so I was gonna wait until it was complete to read it all.)

Seeing the stuff in the apartment I was initially confused and then remembered that the title card was five years in the future and I was still thinking of Hiro's previous visit which was not long after the current present. The place looks so recently bombed for five years in the future, though -- if all that was destroyed was half the city, wouldn't they have rebuilt by now? Though I guess concerns about residual radioactivity....
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