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"send a signal that she's hanging all her hopes on the stars"

[Listening to this song, I tend to forget how sad it is until I really listen to the words.]

International today was Greek, so I got spanikopita again :)  I realized as I went outside that I could have gotten a regular plate rather than a takeaway box, but I ended up not eating the last spanikopita I'd gotten, so having a takeaway container was good.  My dinner was that and the yogurt parfait I bought with lunch on Friday and never ate.

This warm weather exacerbates my sleepiness.  I slept through so much of class tonight.  I didn't find anything on the extension school website about withdrawing from a course, and I suspect it's too late in the semester anyhow.  I really don't actually care that much if I get an F in the class, but I do want to tell the professor what's up.  I felt too out of it to stick around after class, though, so I need to e-mail him tomorrow.

[Edit: Woot, the next morning the Extension School sent out an end-of-semester info e-mail which included, "Sunday, April 29 is the last day you may withdraw ONLINE from spring courses."]

When Tiffany was encouraging me to do a program, she said I could always quit, and I've been thinking about that a lot this past week as I feel more and more convinced that I do not wanna do the work for this class.  I really have no obligation, and it's not like I'm in a depressive funk in which I'm doing nothing.  My room is a disaster, and I need to focus on getting it at least a little bit cleaned up.  This list of clothing stuff I need to buy keeps growing (dress pants and shirts, summer shoes, pajamas, undergarments, jeans).  I have various sets of summer vacation plans (birthday, Reconciling Convo, UK&Prague).  I'm reading various things (and the books for Reunion need to make it on there as well).  Oh, and going to the gym of course.

Since I have had my desktop computer for six years, I suspect that the fact that it's been seriously freaking out recently is a fair indicator that I should purchase a new one.  I want one that comes packaged with Corel (despite likeadeuce's complaints) so I'm thinking this (Lenovo).  The price is about what I paid for my desktop back in the day.  I should call my brother about this, since he's the computer expert in the family.

I'm also thinking I should get a credit card for when I'm in Europe so I don't need to worry about overdrawing my bank account.

When I was changing my sheets yesterday I was pondering whether it was time to get a new pillow, and then today antheia posted saying she'd just bought these.  Hmm.

Okay, bedtime now.
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