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Heroes 1.20 "Five Years Gone" [2007-04-30]

I think this was originally listed as "String Theory."

I'm behind on tv writeups and not gonna stay up all night to finish all of them, but I wanted to post an immediate reaction post to this.

For all that I like dark, morally grey, ambiguous, etc. stories, I really wasn't into this dark future. The heavy current events parallels (plus the heavy similarities to the X-Men movies) were not helping either.

Peter hooking up with Niki felt somewhat pasted on. However, thinking about kindkit's recent post on Remus (Harry Potter) I could see him being drawn to how vulnerable she is after losing Micah and D.L. -- especially given the reveal that he was the bomb ("Five years ago, we let a man blow up in New York."). Sidenote: I could totally see Nathan being convinced by Linderman to let the bomb happen (even though last time we saw Nathan reject Linderman's proposal -- which makes me wonder whether in this dark-future Linderman's still pulling any strings, e.g. with Sylar ... we hear about "the Linderman Act" passed four years ago, though whether that was orchestrated by him or just named in honor of a dead man is unknown) but what did Peter believe had happened to Sylar? That he had been killed but that Nathan still needed him to blow up? Of course, the expectation has been that Peter would absorb Ted's power (likely through interaction with Sylar) and not be able to control it, so it could totally play out that way (and hey, now we know that canon says Peter can survive that for sure), with him not being able to fly far enough away to save the city but still having some distance which would allow Sylar (having killed Candice) to manipulate the appearance of reality sufficient to keep Peter from knowing the truth at least about Nathan.

The dark-Hiro plotline was somewhat redeemed when we are told explicitly that his self full of hope and optimism died when Ando did.

I'm curious as to who this "Molly Walker" whom Hiro listed as one of the "specials" he gave to Bennet is.

Mr. Bennet: "I brought you back to Midland."
Claire: "Not until after Mom left."
Interesting. (Also makes me wonder what happened to Mama Petrelli. Though I suppose "the bomb" is a pretty catch-all answer for questions like that.)
Also: What happened at Homecoming in this timeline if Hiro couldn't kill Sylar (and was sure he had taken Claire's power) but she was actually still alive?

Love the reveal that Nathan = Sylar.
Which was nicely foreshadowed with how Candice helped him get the Presidency.

When Ando said, "But won't there be guards waiting for us, with guns?" and we got "Nathan's" voiceover about sacrifice, I thought that Ando would die.

Hardcore, Mohinder, killing the Haitian. I had hoped that The Haitian would still be working for the side of good ultimately (I had some difficulty buying Matt's darkness, though the fact that he had a long-term "arrangement" with Bennet helped make it okay for me -- and his line about "we're both protecting children of interest," does that mean his baby Matthew has a power?) but I can totally see how The Haitian needed to die so that the others could use their powers to win the day (at least sort of -- boo on Claire and her dad both dying... though we then return to the "present" which on reflection makes me think of the end of "The Wish" [BtVS] :) ).

The red, blue, and yellow lights of the Sylar-Peter battle? Felt like Star Wars light sabers or something.

Reminder: I avoid previews. (I also haven't gotten to catching up on the comics either.)
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