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CSI 7.21 "Ending Happy" [watched on tape: 2007-04-27]

All I knew going in was Paige's comment "did tonight's CSI pwn or what?"

I'm not sure I'd go quite that far, but the opening sequence, with the intercutting between the boxing and the whoring, was amazing.

The whorehouse kept reminding me of Heart of Gold (Firefly). Though the Babinkians were hardly Nandi, of course. (However, Baba ghanoush!)

Brass: "This is a homicide investigation. If I find out you've been lying to me, even a little bit, I'll come down on you like a ton of bricks. So let me ask you again: What did you think of Happy?"
cue: woman bitching in Spanish and just a deluge of bitching from all the women, after all their restrained nice talk beforehand. Very well played.

"I know we're not supposed to be sensitive in this line of work" / "But this guy could blister paint."
This part made me wonder if he was already sick and that was what killed him, that his other wounds were just incidental.

Brass to Dreama Little: Do I look like Paula Abdul to you?

I loved what happened with the "Somebody shot my wife" bit. And "Sir, that's, that's really sweet." / "That's Longfellow. What do you kids know about poetry?" and Sara finishing the poem right before they left.

Connor: "I didn't kill him! And I'd do it again if I had the chance."

On reflection after finishing the episode I wondered, Do we think Dreama and Connor's post-"confession" "I killed him?" sobbings were because they knew they had actually premeditated murder and were trying to pre-empt getting nailed for that?

anaphylactic shock... emergency tracheotomy
Brass: "So the guy takes an arrow to the throat and it actually *prolongs* his life?"
Doc Robbins: "Apparently."
Cath: "And what are the odds of it not hitting a a major artery?"
Doc Robbins: "Whatever comes right before zero."

Doc Robbins says the only thing they found in the dead guy's stomach was: "six and a half pounds of undigested red meat."
Brass: "Well that explains the flatulence."
Cath: "And nothing else."

Greg (listing all the stuff they found): " [...] anti-lice shampoo -- somehow, the whole brothel mystique is wearing thin."

Oh, Hodges spiel about hookers (full text here) where it soon becomes clear that he's talking about himself and then wow, he actually switches to the first person -- "three months shy of your 18th birthday, so when you call your mom to come get you, it doesn't go on my permanent record."

The closed captioning when Hodges finds a shrimp says: "(like a carny) We've got a winnah."

Babinkians: "I love you." / "I love you, too."
Brass: "And I love you both. Let's go. You're under arrest."

Brass: "I know you and Connor were in this together. He's already going down for the crossbow shot. That's probably why he gave you up."
Dreama: "Connor would never say that. He was in love with me."
I thought Brass was lying to her (am still not sure if he was or not) and I hate when the cops do that in tv shows, but it also annoys me when suspects are so quick to believe people gave them up, so I liked Dreama's measured thinking about this and ultimate decision that no, Connor wouldn't say that.

Brass: "You saying faking the snake bite was Connor's idea?"
Dreama: "No, Connor ain't that smart. [...] My father was a snake-handling preacher. My people all had the holy fire. I had it, too. But mine came from below."
I'm curious as to whether she means from the devil or sex.

I really didn't care about the Grissom/Sara in this. It's not like they're doing a bad job showing them as clearly being in relationship, I just find myself having zero interest.
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