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One of the best things I have read recently.

Someone sent Trelawney one of those heartwarming stories that people circulate via e-mail, and she forwarded it to us along with her reply :)
thanks for sharing this, pam - and snopes.com says it's true, which is nice for once...
i think it's very sweet and touching. but the rascal in me giggles and asks a few questions:

1) when do you break it to your daughter that it was a postal worker? the same day you break the news about santa? i would NOT want that duty!
2) if paul says we're to "pray without ceasing," did he have stock in the USPS, because that's a LOT of stamps!!!
3) would a lutheran send her letters "postage due" based on the precept of "free grace"? Or would she just nail them to the church door?
4) did catholics have to write theirs in latin, pre-vatican II? and do the priests get to read those before they're sent? Do the priests charge a "handling fee" of their own, which is proportional to the amount of grace being requested?
5) are baptists allowed to send their own letters before they are old enough to accept Jesus and take communion, or do they need to pray by proxy until then?
6) where would a buddhist address a letter to "emptiness"? with a blank envelope? Or would she self-address it?
7) does the calvinist notion of double predestination predict lost mail? do letters from those who are not the "elect" get sent to Satan, to give him/her a chance to respond to his/her own flock?
8) are lost-mail prayers pre-damned? or do they end up in a
catholic purgatory? and now that the pope declares there is no more "limbo", does that mean the lost letters get moved to the heavenly mailbox?
9) if someone addresses a letter to the Father-Mother, does it have to go through Jesus, based on John 14:6b"No one comes to the Father-Mother except through me." Or do letters addressed to Jesus have to go through the Father-Mother's mailbox first, based on John 6:65b "No one can come to me unless it is granted by the Father-Mother."
10) For that matter, do the different "persons" of God get their own mailboxes or addresses? Or is that too polytheistic, so they have to share?
11) Would a Unitarian-Universalist address the envelope with a big question mark?
12) Do Hindus get to use email instead because it makes multiple addresses so much easier? Or do they get 'bulk rate' status?
13) Does God have different mailboxes for Methodists who are "perfect" and those who are "backsliding?" Do "perfect" Methodists get to use less postage? Can a letter from a Methodist reach God in the time it takes for the Methodist church to split again?

tee hee hee
trelawney =)
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