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CSI 7.22 "Leapin' Lizards" [watched on tape: 2007-05-04]

Right after the opening city shot (which tells you you're watching CSI) was a shot of a lizard on a rock (the cops drive in to the scene and we follow them). I thought of the episode title (and my family's cross-country trip to the Southwest) and gleed.

Warrick: "There's some food you just shouldn't see where it comes from."
[me: Hey, they're just walking around looking cute. What's your deal?]
Grissom: "Pigs are very intelligent animals. Right behind chimps, dolphins and elephants."
Warrick: "Ahead of dogs?"
Grissom: "And certain politicians."
[me: Hey, politicians are more noted for being sleazy than stupid.]

As soon as Grissom saw the mounted heads I called that that's where/how they would find Chyna. The Marco Polo joke was in bad taste, though.

Grissom: "Do you believe intelligent life exists on other planets?"
Sara: "I'm not sure intelligent life exists on this planet. [Beat] I was just in the barn."
[me: Hey, intelligent does not necessarily equal ethical/moral/nice/kind/whatever.]

I feel like I should have been more excited by the Reptillian mythos than I was.

Doc Robbins: "Why would anybody want to taxidermy a human head?"
Grissom: "I'm still working on the how."
Doc Robbins: "That I can tell you. Mounted one myself. [Beat.] Dad was a hunter. First our guy had to separate the head from the body. For that, he used a serrated-edge knife. My dad used a carving knife -- same one we used at Thanksgiving. When Mom found out, she almost killed him with it."
Grissom: "Heartwarming."

Sara: "I always feel sorry for the monster."
That moment of her eating her peach Yoplait yogurt is just great.

Hee, Warrick and Nick talking about workplace dating (which is also placed directly following the Grissom-Sara-and Grissom's St. Bernard(?) Bruno warm domestic scene).
Warrick: "You mean like you and me, baby?"
Nick: "Yeah, exactly, honey."

The very last scene with Grissom building a model is fucking creepy. Though I don't actually think he's the miniature killer. Of course, I've long since ceased caring about the miniature killer arc like at all, so.
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