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"She's tryin' to be a good girl / And give 'em what they want"

Remember when I used to work hard and accomplish a lot in my job?  Yeah, I miss those days.  This lack of energy/motivation is lame.  (I also dislike that I feel so disconnected from my flist -- I try to keep up with reading it but don't seem to have the time/energy to actually comment.)

Packing files into archive boxes is like unto the zen of filing at SCMA, though, so that was kinda good.  And I'm starting to getting my deskspace back, which is also good.  (I've really gotta stop being lazy and letting things go to pot.)

Also: Wow it feels like summer.  The office was nigh deserted today.

Today made three days in a row of going to the gym after work and doing a half hour on the elliptical.  I've definitely not been energized, but I've been averaging a 12-minute mile, which makes me feel less like a slug.
Tags: gymming it up

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