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Somerville Open Studios, etc.

I went to bed at like 10:30 last night.  I woke up before 7 this morning (as I have a lot recently, actually) and near immediately decided that no, I was not going to get up just yet.  I woke up again and actually got up this time closer to 10, so we'll see whether that was too much sleep.

I went to the gym, half hour on the elliptical, fourth day (in a row) this week, and got a strawberry-banana smoothie at Harvard on my way home.

I did laundry and then went and helped out at Somerville Open Studios at CHPC as I had told Katherine I would do.

I had said I could do 3-6, but I ended up not getting over there until about 3:45, which was fine, as I had expected.

Katherine had been banished for an hour (having been there since 10am I suspect), so I hung out with Sarah (er, red-headed Sarah -- it occurs to me that there are two Sarahs at CHPC whom I talk about).  She said the blonde girl from Tufts had been earlier helping out, and she sought confirmation that she was getting the girl's name (Jen) right, but while I knew whom she was talking about, I totally couldn't remember her name.  This led to discussion of name tags -- her mom had suggested making one for me some weeks back, which suggestion I had recoiled from, though I quickly acclimated to nametags at CWM (and agree with those who kinda dislike that we all take them off and put them away after service before dinner) -- and from there I said that what I really need is cue cards for how people are related (e.g., You two seem to travel as a unit: spouses? siblings? good friends? co-students?) and said that my favorite example of that is that I'd been attending CHPC regularly for two or three months and then leaving Easter Sunrise Service Karl was walking with Katherine and talking about the church that "we" had in Maine and I realized that they were married.  Sarah asked if I'd told Katherine that story and said that I should, that she'd love it, would be very pleased that she had retained her own identity.  So later I did tell Katherine, and she said I had made her day :)

Last week when I had asked Katherine if she needed help for Somerville Open Studios, she had said Saturday afternoon and I said yeah I could do that, would allow me time to do stuff like my laundry beforehand.  Today she asked me if I had gotten my laundry done and then thanked me for mentioning it because Thursday night she remembered it and remembered that she usually does laundry Saturday morning, which was gonna be crazy this week with Somerville Open Studios, so she did it Thursday night which was great.

She told me about the book she's reading, which she never would have picked up on her own but which someone recommended to her.  It doesn't sound like something I would pick up on my own either, but she talked about it being a mix of "natural history and social history," and I thought of you, Dad.

I saw Gary walking around and said, "You're in the wrong church."  (He gives me grief for "consorting" with other churches.)

When we finished the Lenten series on forgiveness, Gary said he might do a series on Heaven & Hell the end of April.  I didn't hear anything about it afterward, but at small group this past Thursday I saw the easel with stuff about Heaven and Hell written on it, so I e-mailed him.  Today he said that yes he had started it and hadn't announced it in any place "that you would stumble across" -- I joked that he was consciously excluding me because I was being ecumenical but obviously didn't actually believe that -- and that he'd look forward to seeing me on Wednesday.

After he'd left I said to Katherine, "I've missed being mean to Gary.  I look forward to Wednesday."
She said, "So it's a good give-and-take?"
Yeah.  I talked a little bit about how Trelawney prizes small group as a safe space and how I respect that but I feel so much more at home at Bible study where I can be mean and kick Gary.  And also shared the story of how one time he said something and I said, "It's a good thing I grew up with a sarcastic family or I might be offended."

We had everything wrapped up (it's repeating tomorrow, so cleanup could be fairly minimal) by about 6:30, so I was released by Katherine (who wouldn't stand still long enough for me to really massage her shoulders/back -- eager as she was go to home).

I really enjoy chatting with Katherine and felt a lot cheerier leaving tonight than I have in a while, which is good.  Am also very much looking forward to tomorrow.

Amy, Amber Benson did a 2005 Sci-Fi Original [at least, it's airing on Sci-Fi and sounds much like a Sci-Fi Original, though it doesn't actually show up on the official list] that airs tomorrow at 1am.  Should I tape it?

Edit: Once again, JoeF. has a column that comforts me that there are really good people in the world (but of the ordinary variety, not the kind of saints you feel you could never aspire to be -- cf. last Sunday's book study, which I haven't written up yet).
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