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Law and Order: SVU 6.03 "Obscene" [rerun: 2006-12-31]


Mom's too busy to drive her kids to school... yeah, way to go family.

Fin: "A 16 year old may be having sex, but she ain't in charge of squat."

Cragen: "16 hour days pretending to be a hooker, the other 8 pretending to be a grownup; no wonder she's knocking herself out with pills."

Danny: "I deserve to go to jail."
Good man.

judge: "Are the people satisfied, Ms. Novak?"
Casey: "We are, Your Honor."

shoulder? She's at that close range and she can't get closer to his torso?
Stabler: "Why did you do this?"
mom: "I had to. I couldn't let him ruin another family."
She still doesn't get it. [Jessie's complaint that the anti-smut people just give parents somebody to blame when their kid does something wrong.]

Casey: "What did I do?"
Donnelly: "You don't even say hi to your boss?"
Casey: "Hi. What did I do?"
Um, I kinda want f/f now. Yeah, such a sucker for the power dynamics.

2 weeks, 6/6 deadlock, mistrial
How can you not find her guilty of assault/attempted murder?


B.J.'s Assistant: "They yanked us off the air before the best part."
Fin: "Something heavy fell on B.J.'s head?"
Yeah, it is kind of ironic that they have to fight for a confession only because the anti-smut(freespeech) people won.

Stabler: "You wonder why people want to shut this guy up?"
Casey: "No one's forcing them to listen."

Franco Marquez: "We're trying to portray a girl who's in charge of her sexuality."
Fin: "A sixteen-year-old girl may be having sex, but she ain't in charge of squat."


tv.com's blurbification of the episode:
With the encouragement of a radio host, who has a dirty mouth on him, one teenager is raped and another is imprisoned when they are thrown together by the manipulative adults in their lives whose sole motivations are celebrity and publicity for their own self-serving interests.
Tags: tv: l&o: svu

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