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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

Law and Order: SVU 8.03 "Recall" [rerun: 2006-12-31]

[Having previously seen 8.09 ("Choreographed") I wasn't completely thrown by Beck's appearance.]


[Martin Trenway = Maxwell Sheffield on The Nanny.]

Boringest intro ever? Okay, there's a chase, but then?

impact baton? I thought it was a knife.

Beck, to Stabler: "You should lose the sport jacket and shoes; they slow you down."

pics of vic's injuries up on the board? a bit much?

Beck "Not like this you didn't."
A bit over the top?

Nicely played, Beck, getting the reporters -- though I had visions of it blowing up in their face.

Beck: " [...] just doing my job."
Wow, way to fail. We're not supposed to like her, right?

Duh the woman in the courtroom was a victim.

Cragen (about Beck): "What time did she get here?"
Fin: "She never left."
Munch: "Some people should not be allowed to drink coffee."

Okay fine, Beck wins the day with her Europeanness (and femaleness, and own trauma story). Her accent still annoys me, though.

Martin: "You're lying! You're lying! [...] You swore you'd never tell!"
I had difficulty believing that he would freak out like that. I mean, he's still the one with most of the power, surely he could just keep quietly denying it. Are we supposed to believe he's just overcome by guilt or something?

Miss Delmas: "I buried it."
For the win!
Tags: tv: l&o: svu

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