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Law & Order: SVU 8.17 "Sin" [rerun, 2007-05-05]

So, instead of being productive, I watched SVU.  (Which also prompted me to finish my writeups of my NYE marathon of mediocre crime dramas.  Back-dated to spare you.)

Hi, I'm bored with stuff so clearly "ripped from the headlines."

Six alleles... I watch a lot of CSI so I called it was one of his sons.  (Plus, haven't we done this before? -- episode 5.08)

Please tell me that mega-churches don't really have giant banners of their preachers in the direct line of vision from the pulpit.

Huh, I've never heard the Catholic prayer of penance (tv.com tells me it's officially called the Act of Contrition) before.
The line about "because I dread the loss of Heaven and the pains of hell" kinda squicks me.  Otherwise I kinda like the prayer, though.

"I will take responsibility, God forgive me."
Wow it took Stabler a long time to realize the import of that evasive wording.
My immediate thought was that he was asking God's forgiveness for lying (i.e., confessing to a crime he didn't commit) but then I thought, "Being confronted by God isn't gonna urge you to commit a sin."

I'm really not sure I buy the sister giving up her brother to the cops, especially not that easily.

Jeb: "I should have talked to you, told you everything."
Hannah: [nods]
[me: Yes!]
Hannah: "We didn't trust each other enough."
[me: Okay, this bothers me because lots of times people do do things we would never have expected them to.]
Hannah: "Can you ever forgive me?"
[long pause] [me: "I already have."]
Jeb: "I already have."
Tags: tv: l&o: svu

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